FL Studio 12.3 (Beta 4)


Additions & changes: 

ZGE Visualizer version 2.0
New Transient Processor plugin
Changed name of “None” scale highlight mode to “Default”
Remember the “custom” size of channel rack buttons when selecting a preset size
Fruity Limiter: don’t animate knobs when switching tabs and animations are off
FL ReWire: application window is now scaled
Razer Chroma: 4 new color presets
Razer Chroma: support for latest Blade laptop
New and updated presets for VGX Key Mapper, Convolver and Patcher
New Razer Chroma demo project




Alt+B doesn’t toggle scale highlighting on and off
Assign free mixer track skips first insert
Auto name option doesn’t do anything when using plugin window preset buttons
Crash dragging plugin preset from Patcher to its own channel or effect slot
Clicking on lower part of “Current” track’s dB meter doesn’t select the track
Channel rack gradient coloring doesn’t work in 64bit
Channel rack too high with maximum height resizing on
Event data lost when swapping effect slots
FL window’s “normal” size is too big initially on scaled displays
Gross Beat window doesn’t maximize when double-clicking its caption
Mixer track color wrong after use of “assign channel to empty mixer track”
Piano roll and event editor don’t load state of “incremental scrolling” option    
Piano roll visible but not usable after events have been turned into automation clip
“Play truncated notes” option is active when it’s off
Toggling effect windows switches inserts when mixer is detached
Edison: doesn’t use correct file type when omitting file extension
Control Creator: freeze when using extreme cog size for knobs
Razer Chroma: fixes for Stealth laptop support
Stereo Enhance: wrong hint on separation knob
Wasp XT: velocity filter and velocity amp controls are switched
Wrapper: Waldorf Nave plugin crashes on load
Wrapper: can’t load VST plugins from some old presets
Wrapper: disconnected message when disabling bridge
X-Y Controller: joystick support is disabled