FL Studio 12.3 (Beta 5)


Additions & changes: 

Parametric EQ 2: added key selection for nodes
New option to disengage the record button when recording stops
Removed automatic “envelope” and “LFO” text on clips
Improvements to “Align all channel editors” option
IL Remote feedback is now always on
New option to move all windows to visible positions
Transient Processor: no more silence in demo mode




Auto-unarm displays unarmed tracks as still armed
Can’t favorite some VST3 plugins
Channel rack: automatic resizing problems
Error selecting multiple samples in open dialog
Import of old tempo automation isn’t always correct
Loop recording doesn’t mute recorded clips
Love Philter steals note messages for devices locked to channels
Multi-threaded processing off after FL installation
Piano roll: slide and poly disappear sometimes
Piano roll: automatic key style changes are saved over user chosen one
Play truncated notes not active until disabled and re-enabled
Recorded loop doesn’t show up in some cases
State of mute and sync checkboxes in tempo tapper isn’t remembered
Time hint always shown when scroll lock is on
Delay Bank: orange ring around checkboxes
FPC: ghost image on GUI
Granulizer: custom channel name lost on song reload
Maximus: crash with multiple instances
Patcher: controls don’t respond to controller input when tweaked with mouse
Razer Chroma: various bugs
Sytrus: info text for Gasmotron preset has X and Y reversed
Sytrus: wrong labels on chorus panel
Transient Processor, EQUO, Maximus: font scaling issues
Wrapper: fix for lost connection in plugin bridge is not always on
Wrapper: crashes when parameters in bridged plugins are automated