FL Studio 12.3


FL Studio 12.3 launch video:




Additions & changes: 

Convolver now has a vector GUI
Razer Chroma: support for Naga Epic Chroma, Diamondback Chroma
Razer Chroma: updated metronome effect for Orb Weaver
New NewStuff demo: nucleon – Transient Processor
New demo project: Ephixa – Club Penguin
Four new demo projects for ZGE Visualizer
Three new Wiselabs Patcher presets, others updated
Transient Processor: no more nag silence in demo mode
Video Player: new “Delay playback by” option
ZGE Visualizer: updated MIDI effects
“Save acidized” render option is now disabled by default
New option to disable menu transparency
New menu item to load previously saved window arrangement while FL is running




Access violation when normalizing large audio files
Alt+B doesn’t toggle scale highlighting on and off
Black notes not highlighted correctly
Crash dragging MIDI from Kontakt 5 to FL
Dragging (none) preset from picker to channel or mixer creates new preset
Dragging (none) preset from picker to channel doesn’t rename it
Full screen mode not remembered when restarting FL
Incremental scrolling doesn’t always work
Missing plugin dialog not shown
Mute audio clip doesn’t take effect immediately during playback
Recorded loop doesn’t show up when loop recording
Right-click on bottom panel of piano roll doesn’t work
Underruns and high cpu usage when opening popup menus and plugin picker
Wrong channel name when “auto name channels” is disabled
Dashboard: font import from old projects is wrong
EQUO: font size wrong when scaled
HTML Notebook: doesn’t find html file saved in project
Love Philter: orange ring around led controls
Maximus: font size wrong when scaled
Maximus: crash moving mouse over editor window
Plugin Manager: FL VST path is added to search path list for every installed FL
Razer Chroma: various fixes
Sytrus: crash on load because of invalid settings
Transient Processor: various fixes
Wrapper: bar start position reported to plugins is not updated every bar
Wrapper: Nave VST3 crashes when user changes waveform
Wrapper: Sforzando opens as 32bit plugin in FL 64bit
ZGE Visualizer: various fixes