FL Studio 12.4.1


Additions & changes: 

Transistor Bass: warning message when selecting “Clear”


From FL Studio 12.4.1 RC1:

FPC can save and load pad presets again
Keyboard focus button on title bar for Slicex, Convolver and VST plugins
“Reset plugins on transport” is now off by default
New “Focus selected channel on playback” in channel
Transistor Bass: click and drag to draw notes/accents/slides/…
Transistor Bass: rotate notes with shift + ctrl + arrows
Wave Traveller is now thread safe
Wrapper keyboard focus is now on by default
ZGE Visualizer: added audio rate selector in export options




Crash clicking on channel rack filter combo
DirectWave: crash after sampling VST (64bit)
FPC: crash importing DW program (64bit)
Patcher: crash when deleted
Patcher: note off messages not always sent to plugins

From FL Studio 12.4.1 RC1:

Access violation recording multiple mixer inserts to PL
Active voices increase while playing loop
AIFF file with reverse byte order fails to load
Automation recording in PL doesn’t record when area is selected
Auto unarm doesn’t work when rendering mixer tracks
Channel rack scrolls up when play button is pushed
Clip continues playback after releasing playback tool
Freeze on startup when samplerate is reset by the audio device
Maschine Jam: 8th column incorrectly stops clip
Menu and picker fadeout leaves visible box in Windows 7
Menus show up on wrong screen
Merge pattern clips isn’t undoable
Overlapping audio clip plays twice
Rendering mixer tracks doesn’t put them in project folder
Rendering mixer tracks uses incorrect filenames
Username not shown in FL title bar
Bass Boost: doesn’t load in 32bit
Beepmap: only outputs on right channel
Beepmap: sound is different than in old versions
Dashboard: spin controls aren’t scaled properly
Dashboard: spin control move speed is reset on import from text file
DirectWave: loop points for ogg encoded waves aren’t read
Formula Controller: used variables are greyed out
Gross Beat: missing knobs in Create Sequence tool window
Gross Beat: step buttons in “Create sequence” tool don’t draw all states correctly
Newtone: variation control is inverted
Parametric EQ 2: band selection is wrong
Parametric EQ 2: maximize button missing
Patcher: crash replacing Patcher with preset from plugin inside that Patcher instance
Patcher: no preset selector for Dashboard
Patcher: crash cycling through plugin presets
Patcher: double-click on Control Surface module doesn’t open its editor tab
Patcher: notes from MIDI Out cut in DirectWave
Plugin Manager: doesn’t save state of “Verify” checkbox
Razer Chroma: causes audio breakups in 32bit
Slicex: no undo popup menu on deck B
Slicex: access violation in 64bit using “Layer selections in both decks”
Sytrus: operator volume knob is not bipolar
Sytrus: won’t always retrieve output buffer
Transient Processor: output muted after adjusting parameters
Transistor Bass: pan control is inverted
Wave Candy: visual glitch in meter mode
Wave Candy: OSD window doesnt scale properly
Wave Traveller: helper lines aren’t shown
Wrapper: Melodo crashes when bridged
Wrapper: further fix for hidden VST3 plugins to respond to automation
Wrapper: Tls Pocket Limiter crashes when bridged
Wrapper: Fabfilter plugins have wrong size window when scaled
Wrapper: freeze with bridged SynthEdit-made plugin during keyboard input
Wrapper: negative mixer track offset outputs to track 103
Wrapper: Waves IDR360 VST3 crashes during processing
ZGE Visualizer: error using Peak Effects > Polar on empty layer
ZGE Visualizer: video export problems