FL Studio


Additions & changes: 

From FL Studio (October 2017):
None – Bugfixes only (see below)


From FL Studio 12.5.1 RC2 – RC4 (September 22, 2017):
Dock panels open when mixer tracks are assigned to them


From FL Studio 12.5.1 RC1 ( September 11, 2017):

“Auto name effects” option is now off by default
Hold shift while dropping an item onto a playlist track header to avoid or force auto-lock to content


Control Surface: Min and Max properties can now be set using percentages
Control Surface: “Delete” option will delete all selected controls 
Formula Controller: uses FL help file for syntax instead of its own custom file



From FL Studio 12.5.1 Beta1 ( September 02, 2017):

Added “Dropping to track header locks to content” option to the playlist
Browser recognizes plugin presets for more IL plugins
Converted to native FL plugins with 64bit version: 7 Band EQ, Bass Boost, Center, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Fast LP, Filter, Flanger, Free Filter, Mute 2, Phaser, Phase Inverter
Default to shared data folder when exporting a channel to a DW program file
Playlist clips can now have a solid color
Playlist will show indication of drop location and length when dragging clips to it
Samples can be added from the browser to the playlist with ctrl + middle click and ctrl + enter
Settings for project export to audio file and for pattern render are now saved separately


Dance: sprite sheet now has a higher resolution
DirectWave: default to shared data folder when saving a program or bank
DirectWave: added refresh button to browser
FPC: popup menu when you right-click on a pad
Formula Controller: added Atan2, Inter and InterNoSwap functions
ZGE Visualizer: option to set custom FPS for video export




From FL Studio (October 2017):
DirectWave: default values of some modulation matrix knobs are incorrect
DirectWave: trigger type can be changed when trigger group is “none”
FPC: crash when editing the name of a pad from the main FPC menu
Fruity Filter: X2 “on” and “off” labels are mixed up
Fruity Filter: X2 parameter causes glitches in sound
Plugin Manager: changes to plugin category aren’t saved
Plugin Manager: unverified plugin presets are saved with the full path as the name


From FL Studio 12.5.1 RC2 – RC4 (September 22, 2017):

Deselecting all items in a row doesn’t work when the first item is not at the start (playlist and piano roll)
FLP file becomes much larger when patterns are grouped
Some VST plugins can hang when the plugin window is detached and its opened and closed repeatedly
Strum tool turns step notes into regular ones on all channels

Compressor: parameter values jump strangely while tweaking parameters
Delay Bank: Oversample checkbox text is truncated when FL is scaled
Harmor: right-click on switch changes value of control
Mute 2: noise when muting and mixer slot level is not at 100%
Patcher: PromptEdit_Ex function not implemented
Wrapper: memory leak when some VST3 plugins can’t be loaded
Wrapper: Waves plugins that were moved from old to new Waveshell can’t be found
ZGE Visualizer: crash with “Polar” and “Peak band controller”


From FL Studio 12.5.1 RC1 ( September 11, 2017):

Crash closing project with Wave Candy and stretched samples
DWP export doesn’t work well with Chinese characters
Invalid data error when the demo project “nucleon – Fruity Delay 3” is opened
Picker panel items only show markers after a certain item height
Plugin windows can be tiny when loading project a second time

Control Surface: some fonts are scaled twice when opening saved settings
DirectWave: “Browse for folder” window focuses Windows Explorer when closed
DirectWave: zone grid isn’t updated when deleting all zones from the list
DirectWave: “Rate” controls on LFO 1 and LFO 2 tabs are misaligned
Fruity Filter: resonance parameter hint is incorrect
Harmor: clicking on note transitions (64bit)
HTML Notebook: crash loading a website that shows a message
Patcher: can’t find Fruity Chorus in SeamlessR – Antecoder demo song
Wrapper: VST3 plugin parameters keep changing automatically after they’re tweaked


From FL Studio 12.5.1 Beta1 ( September 02, 2017):

Access violation when the plugin picker is opened
Browser shows files in root of tree aligned to the right instead of left
Browser shows unnamed items at the bottom
Channel settings toolbar can’t be opened after replacing a plugin with a sampler channel
Detect tempo in channel settings window detects wrong tempo when Trim knob is used
DWP export: incorrect hints on some controls
DWP export: invalid input values for loop start
First playlist track can be grouped with above
Notes are not recorded when recording stops while the notes are held
No warning when saving a project to a file without specifying the extension and the file (with the default file extension) already exists
Picker panel: crash selecting pattern with shift+click
Picker panel: selecting and deselecting patterns or clips doesn’t always work
Picker panel: bug in clone function
Playlist tool shortcuts with Alt and Ctrl modifiers don’t work reliably
Playlist track name becomes garbage text after dropping a file with a unicode filename
Plugin and project picker close too slowly when “Keep it sober” is selected for animations
Plugin Manager window can’t be closed after a scan when the plugin info tab is selected
Projects are added to the recently used file list when rendering from the command line
Touch Keyboard window resizes erratically when docked
Touch keyboard glitches visually when switching between keyboard and pads
“Unlock all from content” macro collapses the first 33 tracks in the playlist

DirectWave: freezes when loading certain .NKI libraries
DirectWave: Alt+F doesn’t work in sample editor
DirectWave: delay labels are incorrect
DirectWave: resizing and moving multiple selected zones doesn’t work
DirectWave: incorrect filename when saving a program
DirectWave: copy and paste of numbers in the zone editor doesn’t work
DirectWave: can’t choose bit depth for samples created when saving a program
DirectWave: shows “missing sample” prompt when loading a zipped loop file
Directwave: ‘Browse For Folder’ window focuses Windows Explorer when closed
DirectWave: list index out of bounds error when clicking the zone list when there are no zones
HTML Notebook: improved storing filenames and URLs
FPC: note names in piano roll are not updated when changed in plugin
FPC: no samples created on SFZ export
Harmor: state of the “Smooth mod” control is not remembered correctly
Harmor: missing inverted lowcut faders for delay and reverb
Harmor: right-click on “Pitch articulator amount” changes the value instead of showing a popup menu
Newtone: Play button has incorrect image after Stop is clicked
Patcher: zeroing buffers takes too much cpu
Patcher: parameter connection animations no longer work
Patcher: multiple entries for FL plugins shown in “add plugin” menus
Sytrus: F3 doesn’t show channel settings menu when the MAIN tab is selected
Transistor Bass: doesn’t respond to notes with colors other than the first one
Wrapper: performance issues with VST3 plugins when automating parameters
Wrapper: Scratch Track plugin has fixed size buffers on by default
ZGE Visualizer: default file extension is not added to filename when no extension is present