FL Studio 12.9.3 [beta]


Additions & changes: 

Added “Test” option to Options menu to run predefined tests
Renamed the “(none)” presets used to delete generator and effect plugins to “(delete)”
Renamed channel settings option “Load ACID markers” to “Load slice markers”
Toolbars have been changed to allow more customization

Harmor: visual feedback panel scaling is saved in the plugin settings
ZGE Visualizer: new effects from Youlean: “Blur”, “Motion blur”, “Bloom” and “Color correction”

BooBass and SimSynth are available

Newtone: the editor is now scalable
Newtone: added option to prevent saving of .zpa files




Audio clips don’t play from a position other than the start when there is tempo automation
Channel rack: the horizontal scroll position is not reset when a new project is opened
Crash rendering while a mixer track is armed
Double-click a pattern clip to edit the pattern doesn’t show the PR
Error message: “Wrong track index in GetIDName: 127”
Graph editor: problems dragging notes
Graph editor: shift for a step causes steps on other channels to play out of sequence
Knobs on first page of channel settings window don’t respond to press-and-hold on touch screen
Native FL plugins are sometimes not found when trying to load them
No color or icon when save-dragging a Parametric EQ 2 preset to another slot
Online help file isn’t used in all cases
Open in new channel doesn’t use preset file’s color and icon when “auto-name channels” is off
Out of memory error loading “Iridium – Hanging on (remix)” demo song
Override Generic Links “Smoothing envelope time” doesn’t display a hint
PL: clicking on overlapping clips to cycle through them doesn’t work
PL: dragging a plugin preset over the window shows a drop location
PL: problem with track collapse/expand icon and text ellipsis
PL: punch in and out marker types aren’t available
PL: crash when deleting an arrangement
PL: drag and drop issues in picker panel
Sampler pitch doesn’t change for different notes
The preset next and previous buttons on effects ignore the auto-name setting for the color

DirectWave: parameter changes are not sent to host
Edison: broken audio when FL is in song mode
Edison: denoiser crashes on long samples
Fruity Compressor: audio glitch

Can’t create plugin thumbnails
Hot keys assume a qwerty keyboard layout
Layer channel options down arrow isn’t scaled properly
Plugin Manager shouldn’t have the “Combine 32 and 64 bit versions of a plugin” option

Harmor and Transistor Bass not painted properly on older Macs

PL: droping a wave file from Resonic Player doesn’t stop playback in the other program
Waves plugins can’t be loaded through the “More…” window

Newtone: can’t be maximized by pressing the enter key
Newtone: uses old scrollbar style
Razer Chroma: Ornata wave mode doesn’t work