FL Studio 2.0.1

Problem with background wallpaper covering some windows fixed.

Also redraws smoother.

Crash with default skin in palettized mode fixed.

Scrollbars can be moved another way (right click).

Support for middle mouse button (to reset wheels & scroll windows).

Added FLP file format description (beta).

Added plugin editors in view menu.

Added ‘arrange windows’ in view menu.

Removed the ‘auto arrange windows’ option in settings.

Removed ‘insert pattern in playlist’ (not useful).

Internal sync has changed a lot & visuals are smoother.

Can now drop sound files on the playlist (very quick for effects on a song).

No more flicker on some controls.

Basic MIDI input added (see ReadMe.doc).

Added record button, mainly for keyboard input for now.

Autoscroll patterns when playing.

Added new tips, read them!

Can now move channels up/down.

Main reso filter now applied after the master plugins (better).

Can now render to 32Bit float wavs (for use in CoolEdit Pro).

Song settings separated from environment settings (more logical).

Right click a FX track button to pop up the list of plugins.

New default basic drumkit (Club basic).

No more pattern & playlist clipboards filled at the same time to avoid mistakes.

Added ‘captionnizing’ to event editor.

Now supports DirectX plugins (crashes to be expected:).

Added ‘Twice slower’ in the tempo menu, for easier recordings.

Added pan wheels to the main window.

Scans VST plugs in both user & Fruity directories.

TS404 LFO now adjusted correctly when changing song position.

Added balance custom plugin.

Added FruityPro /Reset to make a config reset in case you’re in trouble.

Put the check for another instance back (this time only when there’s a command line param) (hope crashes won’t be reported this time).

Added ‘Open with FruityLoops’ in popup menu associated with FLP files.

Fixed small bug in my use of the TS404.

TS404 rewritten internally, using floats, no more clipping & more stable filter. Even slightly faster. User shape is back.

Adjusted range of the filter in the TS404.

Adjusted the range of all the reso filters.

Rearranged main sliders.

Fixed glitch in cubic interpolation.

Skins now in /Skins subdir. No need to move your old ones, they’re not compatible anyway.

Main, channel & delay line pan/volume tweakings interpolated to avoid pops.

Channel volume can now be tweaked on the fly (needed for the live recording).

MIDI remote controlling of most controls!

Removed ‘ahead duration’ mixer setting & added polling & hardware buffer settings for down to a 5ms latency on a SB Live!

Finished new playlist look! (still same features for now)

FX tracks redesigned, now up to 8 tracks available.

Live recording!

Integrated event editor!

Option for more realistic logarithmic levels (song settings).