FL Studio 2.1.1

Now using the LAME MP3 encoder for the best quality!

Tempo changes now recorded too (with some limitations).

Added LFO tool in event editor.

Can now slice up beats thx to the BeatSlicer engine.

Fixed minor visual bug in event editor.

More space around wheels (TS404 & VST plugins) not to miss them anymore.

Pattern autoscroll now optionnal.

Event editor enhanced.

Random tool now affects notes & slides for TS404 channels.

Fixed bug with the piano kb & TS404 user shapes.

Fixed something with TS404 & patterns.

Fixed bug with channel mix/random.

Fixed click bug in fake surround effect.

Fixed bug in VST plugins handling.

Fixed note range in TS404 (some notes were clipped).

Prevents nasty slow FPU denormalization also in TS404 delay line & volume ramping.

Redesigned humanize box.

Removed ‘update on each n ticks’ option (I had to).

Better distortion on the TS404 when rendering (too slow).

Changed limitations of demo version.

Added about box to Fruity plugins.

Added ‘Fruity center’ plugin.

Switched default ticks per beat (PPQ) to 96.

Switched most time values (shift, delay) to a 192PPQ accuracy.

Mapped pitch bend into controller 255 for remote controlling.

Main cutoff now ramped.

Fixed small bug in window arrangement.

Fixed slave sync bug.

Fixed small bug in wav looping.

Improved support for DirectX filters.