FL Studio 2.5.0

Full envelopes & LFO (pan, vol, filter & pitch)!

New *.FST ‘channel state’ files (instruments – replaces *.404 files).

New design for the TS404 (also added triangle LFO shape).

Tempo is now sample-accurate (useful when you render a lot of bars).

Channel settings window redesigned.

Partial import of ReBirth 338 song files.

New impressive reverb plugin by Ultrafunk.

Fixed bug in rendering of TS404 (distortion).

Fixed bugs in ZIP export.

Minor bugfix in changing PPQ.

Timing is all new inside & more accurate.

Rendering changed & bugfixed (tempo changes).

DirectX filters support updated.

Added ‘live loop’.

Autostretch follows tempo changes.

Old crap trashed out: mix feature (graph edit) & vol/pan/pitch/mix wheels.

FX in the graph edit reordered.

Fixed small problem in level ramping.

Echo delay now linked to the channel.

Added presets to event editor LFO (speed wheel popup).

Now TS404 sustain max = infinite.

User skins will have to be slightly adjusted to work with this release.

Minor bugfix in pattern editor.

Fixed rare click problem with resonant filter.

Fixed crash when setting tool launched at startup with channel sample.

Added sinc interpolation (very slow – rendering only) because cubic is sometimes noisy.

Now 1000 bars in playlist.

Rearranged plugins list (too many on screen) + favorites.

Background process for long renderings.

Added keep on disk samples.

Added option not to resample waves (better for looped stuff).

Added support for pyramid panning shape (circular is good but can generate clipping).

Added ‘keep notes continuous’ tool (handy for TS404 without gate).

Fixed rare crash with channel settings form & channel cloning.

Added handy ‘clone pattern’ macro (tools).

Mapped key aftertouch into controller 254.

Pitch bend now supported.

Removed click removal option (always on).

Filter now automated.

Graph edit now allows offset of the filter.

Added precalc DC offset removal.

Now renders playlist selection, if any.

Can now re-read the sample browser without collapsing everything.

Improved beat slicing (merging, shifting all the notes, checking for ‘groups’).