FL Studio 2.7.0

LP x2 filter added to channels.

Global channel LFO added, handy for basslines.

Beatslicer standalone editor added.

Alternate B-splines interpolator in event editor (right click).

Snap mode (with interpolation) in event editor.

Added presets to envelope time wheels.

Added a couple of great instrument presets.

Added dithering to 16Bit option (rendering only).

Improved SS2 preset renderer.

Updated LAME mp3 encoder to version 3.84

Surround effect removed, added ‘Fruity phase inverter’ to replace it.

Fruity Fast LP plugin added (the main filter will disappear in a future release).

ZIP & RBS ext added to sample browser, & FLP’s are shown in all folders.

Fixed envelope LFO shape not saved in FLP’s.

Bugfix & slight optimization in TS404.

Had to remove bitmaps from song info edit, too much buggy 🙁

Bugfix in filter section (was always on… eating unneeded CPU).       

Fixed 2 bugs in TS404 preset loading.

Bugfix in pattern rendering when playlist has a selection.

Bugfix in main oscilloscope.

Fixed random association not saved properly.

Added ‘Don’t limit windows to screen’ option for multimonitor support.

More safety checks for ‘altered project’ flag.

Graphic engine changed, now eats a lot less graphic resources.