FL Studio 20.0.1


Additions & changes: 

Updated FL Studio Mobile to version 3.1.9




“Add to plugin database” doesn’t work when a browser snapshot without the plugin database is open
Consolidation of playlist tracks shouldn’t work if the whole track or the selection is muted
Crash dragging items from the picker panel to the playlist
Loop recording can be sluggish
Mouse cursor is in wrong position when moving multiple clips in the playlist and notes in the piano roll
Mouse cursor is laggy when it’s over the graph editor in Windows 7 and 8
PDC not applied randomly to sampler and audio clip channels
“Purge unused clips ” doesn’t affect all arrangements
Saving a channel state can result in an “Unable to create directory” error
“Select unused” in the playlist will also select clips that are used as regular sampler channels
Toolbar is not correct at 150% scaling

Edison: space bar triggers playback in FL instead of Edison when the mouse is held down in Edison
Fruity Delay: settings are not applied when loading a preset or project
Fruity Delay: keeps processing when it’s reset (stop button pressed twice)
Fruity Limiter and Maximus: incorrect latency when loaded from the Installed section of the database
Patcher: no thumbnail shown for plugins even though there is a thumbnail in the plugin database
VFX Level Scaler: display isn’t updated properly when animations are off
Video Player: can be smart disabled while it shouldn’t

Changing a preset hides and shows the plugin window
Changing the name of a search path in File settings doesn’t work very well
Sending MIDI messages doesn’t always send the correct data

Fruity Delay: no sound
Fruity Envelope Controller: no envelopes displayed