FL Studio 20.0.2


Additions & changes: 

Ask user if the project should be saved when a regcode has been downloaded or applied from a file
Updated FL Studio Mobile to version 3.1.91

FPC: added option to clear a pad to an empty state





Audio recording doesn’t work if “Auto create clips” is off
Browsing for a sample from various places adds a new folder to the browser when it’s already there
Can’t read unicode characters from projects saved in FL 11 and earlier
Channel rename dialog doesn’t show current name if it’s the same as the default
Crash clicking on a channel button when the picker panel is hidden
Opening a folder with thousands of samples in the browser is very slow
PDC is broken in some situations
Rendered and consolidated clips can’t be reordered in the picker panel

FPC: note names in piano roll are not updated when a sample is loaded
Harmless: open dialog is not shown when the Timbre control is set to “Custom”
Plugin Manager: native FL plugins are not combined when the option to combine bit sizes is off
Sytrus: FX send selector is limited to -100 to 103 instead of -125 to 125
Video Player: no audio when rendering
Wrapper: pressing F1 to show the help file uses an incorrect url

Command line options don’t work
Crash when quickly scrolling to the bottom of the graph editor window
Key presses don’t work in popup menus
Settings not saved on exit on some systems
SysEx messages are not always handled correctly
Various MIDI input issues