FL Studio 20.0.3


Additions & changes: 

Added “Record to step sequencer” option to record button

DirectWave: full sample filename is shown on sample tab
ZGE Visualizer: added “Uncompressed” to the video export options

Diagnostic application is ported to macOS





Access violation when patterns in a group are cloned
Cancelling “undo recorded stuff” removes audio clip from the playlist
Can’t remove generic links in some cases
Channel with sample offset knob at 100% still makes sound when note is played
Clicking on a clip in the playlist doesn’t deselect items in the picker panel
“Duplicates not allowed” error when saving files
Export score to sheet uses incorrect time signatures
Graph editor inverts appearance when resizing outside of the screen
“Hold and stop” performance mode clips don’t work on Machine Jam
Incompatibilities in sample filenames between Windows and macOS versions of FL
“Make unique” doesn’t update the channel name if the channel currently has its default name
Name of audio clips in the picker panel is not updated when the name is changed in the channel rack
New automation clip is sometimes added to a hidden track
PDC can get out of sync when moving mixer tracks around
Preview of audio clip’s sample doesn’t have the same volume as playing the audio clip in the playlist
Problems unlocking from the about window
Startup log files are not deleted when they’re too old

Convolver: EQ background not painted properly
DirectWave: conflict between parameter name and value hints when using mouse wheel
DirectWave: file creation error when using the drum stretching tool
DirectWave: crash loading project with zone names that include non-ascii characters
Gross Beat and Maximus: about image is not scaled
Newtone: crash when its about window is shown
Reeverb: FL 12.5 projects load in MID mode when they were saved as SIDE
Transistor Bass: wrong gate position when scaled
Video Player: crash
Wave Traveller: spline presets are saved incorrectly in 64 bit
Wrapper: doesn’t show plugin and manual latency values properly
Wrapper: various VST 3 plugins crash when the editor window is closed or opened
Wrapper: VST 3 shell plugins are not loaded correctly

Alt + click in the playlist doesn’t work correctly
Arrow keys skip entries when navigating context menus
Arturia plugins crash if their editor is open while FL is closed
Computer fans are very loud while FL is running – added optional setting to fix this
Crash creating thumbnails for Maxx’ plugins
Deferred generic messages don’t work
Detached windows don’t get proper focus
Detached windows are not hidden when FL is minimized
Drawing issues with Maxx’ plugins
Freeze opening projects that have AU plugins and time signature changes
Incorrect settings saved when Platform-M usb device is used
MIDI controller types detected incorrectly
No response to Akai MPK 261 MIDI commands
Plugin database adds [64bit] suffix for all plugins
Problem replacing a sampler channel with a Granulizer
Problems with keyboards that have a non-US layout
Random crashes sending sysex messages to MIDI devices
User interface isn’t updated while processing
Virtual MIDI ports are not detected

Harmor: crash using image resynthesis
Patcher: crash when adding plugins
Slicex: shift + drag doesn’t add new slices

Closing FL opens folders in File Explorer
When loading a zip file saved in macOS, FL tries to open a hidden file with the name of the project