FL Studio 20.0


FL Studio 20 launch video:



FL Studio 20 Screenshot:



Additions & changes: 

Main pitch knob pauses at every 100 cents


Changed captions for Ctrl and Alt toolbar buttons to Cmd and Opt


FL Studio ASIO’s “Hard clip at 0 dB” option is now on by default
Scroll lock key state is no longer changed when toggling the auto-scroll toolbar button




Audio interruptions when switching project time signature / division mode in settings window
Crash because of negative latency while loading a project
Channel is renamed when “Auto-name channels” is off and a preset is dropped on it
Consolidate and merge don’t use source clip’s color
“Consolidate this track” can result in an empty sample file name
Divide by zero when loading the Square A Saw – Oxygen demo project
MDK’s Leap of Faith demo project freezes when opened
Mixer isn’t focused when Ctrl+L is used on a detached channel settings window
Picker panel: Quick render pattern doesn’t switch to audio clips tab when done
Playlist and Piano Roll: incorrect snap when resizing clips and notes
Playlist and Piano Roll: grid lines aren’t scaled
Playlist: “Consolidate selection” places the created audio clip randomly
Some MIDI controllers don’t work correctly (e.g. Launchpad Mk2)
Toolbar: overflow menu disappears when separators are enabled
Toolbar: oscilloscope only paints partly in some cases
Toolbar: glitches moving control over other controls
Various issues with Playlist and Piano Roll grid

DrumSynth Live: the maximum value of the Send selector is too low
FPC: no indication of selected note layout when it’s in the user data folder
Fruity Flanger: denormalization in 32 bit version
Harmor: dropping a sample on the B image tab results in a black rectangle in some cases
Harmor: incorrect hints shown in some cases
Reeverb 2: audio glitch when the plugin is unmuted
VFX Level Scaler: center parameter affects velocity when it shouldn’t
Vocodex: envelope follower’s freeze parameter has no name when editing events
ZGE Visualizer: freezes during export when the “Sync video with song position” option is enabled


Browser shows on startup when it’s set to auto-hide
Browser closes when GUI scaling is changed
Drag and drop to move items in the picker panel doesn’t work for multiple selection
Incorrect data sent to MIDI devices
Step sequencer is inaccessible when holding the Ctrl key

Edison: space bar triggers host playback instead of plugin’s
Formula Controller: can’t type in input to output field
Newtone: editor window issues
Wrapper: resizing NI plugins can result in a partially painted plugin

FL Studio ASIO has memory leaks