FL Studio 20.1.1 build 795



“4 bars” setting time knob popup menu in the channel settings window doesn’t work
Access violation when a DirectWave preset is dropped on a PL track header
Access violation when the program is closed
Can’t freely change the assigned mixer track for a channel after it’s been unlinked from a PL track
Default value for the mix level knob in the effect plugin window is wrong
High cpu usage when scrolling in the PL in the OneDay demo song
Linked channel is not selected when a new instrument track is created
Loop length for PR channels is reset to zero when looping is disabled
Loop length selector is enabled for PR channels when it shouldn’t be
“Make unique as sample” creates a clip with an incorrect sample start
Make unique popup window shows up when it shouldn’t while moving clips around
Mini PR view in the CR doesn’t update when the pattern length changes
Preview of recorded MIDI notes is incorrect
Project is not marked as “changed” after resetting empty PL tracks
Relocating an audio clip with shift + up/down to an audio track doesn’t update the target mixer track
Resetting a mixer track doesn’t always work
Shift + click in the picker panel doesn’t select all associated channels in the CR
Some generic links for mixer controls can’t be removed
Target mixer track control in the channel settings window is not updated correctly
When a marker in the PR is changed to a pattern length marker, its position changes

Control Surface: keyboard control shouldn’t have any parameters
Harmor: “Browse envelopes / images” creates an empty path in the browser
SimSynth Live: all oscillators are off in a default preset (oscillator 1 is now on by default)

Access violation during the Diagnostic rendering test
Tempo information from wavpack files is not read

Beepmap: crash when using “Voice” preset