FL Studio 20.1.2 build 877



Adding an instrument or audio track doesn’t switch from pattern to song mode anymore
“Separate from instrument track” is renamed and can also link a channel to a new instrument track
Removed (delete) presets from the default plugin databases as there are dedicated options for that
Deletion of plugins now asks for confirmation (as there’s no undo)

GUI performance improvements
Input monitoring is disabled when the audio device is disconnected




Adding instrument tracks doesn’t use a unique name
Automation and audio clips can not be selected in the picker panel when they are zipped in the CR
Automation clips have shortened names when it’s not necessary
Can’t render a mixer track when the name is very long
Crash opening NewStuff project in FL 64bit
Current project tab in the browser is empty
Instrument track overwrites existing pattern after deleting another instrument track
Main toolbar’s volume knob is automatable
Mini PR view in channel rack is not updated when changing some options
Pattern selector sometimes shows the wrong pattern after deleting one
PR: chop tool doesn’t work correctly for 1/6 step
Predicted size for audio export is incorrect when mono export is selected
Recording event automation after a pattern can cause incorrect tempo automation
Resetting a mixer track will reset the manual delay compensation values for all tracks
Selecting an audio clip doesn’t select the audio tab in the picker panel
Time calculation for clip start is inverted when the time knob is at zero

Control Surface: high cpu usage doing nothing
DirectWave: dropping samples on the zone grid doesn’t always replace existing zones
Edison, Slicex and other plugins: wave / envelope editor buttons don’t show a hint
Fruity Peak Controller: initial values of mute and ramp options can be incorrect
Fruity Soft Clipper, Transient Processor: GUI optimizations
Plucked!: Widen parameter doesn’t work correctly in 64bit

Channel rack is not visible
Confirmation dialogs sometimes appear in the wrong location when using multiple screens