FL Studio 20.1.2 Release Candidate 1



New “missing plugins and samples” window when opening a project file
“Group with above track” will auto-color the track when the parent is an instrument or audio track
New option in the channel rack to unlink a channel from its instrument track
Initialized controls are now shown in their own folder in the “Current project” section of the browser
Added Ogun presets that were previously only available through Download Manager
Added “Olbaid” presets for Harmor
New Patcher presets by Wiselabs

Wave Candy: automatic mode change when the window size changes is now disabled by default
Wrapper: “Notify about rendering mode” option was removed, it is now always on

Performance enhancements




Access violation opening the demo song “Tomas Chavez – Raubana – LIFE”
Audio recording to audio tracks can sometimes insert audio on another track
“Burn to pattern” doesn’t burn all notes in some cases
Channel looping causes constant repainting of the playlist and piano roll
CPU panel is repainted when hidden
Crash on exit
Crash importing MIDI files with unexpected time signatures
Error opening “RadioactiveSandwich” demo song
Invalid channel index error when selecting a pattern clip in the picker panel
Note recording preview is broken in some cases
PL: clicking on a clip in a multiple selection doesn’t select the corresponding item in the picker panel
PL: creating an instrument track in an empty project doesn’t use pattern 1
PL: instrument tracks can be created even when there are no free mixer tracks
PL: make unique dialog is shown incorrectly when placing clips on tracks
PL: make unique dialog is not shown when cloning a clip in the same location with the shift key
PL: dropping an unrecognized file type on a track header adds an instrument track with an empty channel
PL: clips are constantly repainted when hovering the mouse cursor over them
PL: pattern 1 is selected after moving a clip on an instrument track
PL: nothing happens when a sample is dropped on an instrument track and “audio clip” is chosen
Plugin delay compensation breaks when channels are cloned
Punch-out marker doesn’t work if there is no preceding punch-in marker
Right-click on an audio clip in the picker panel will focus the channel rack (when it’s detached)
Too many tracks added when loop recording audio
Version update notification doesn’t always show when it should

Control Surface: digits control doesn’t send value changes out to Patcher and FL Studio
DirectWave: user interface breaks up in full screen when the browser panel is hidden
DirectWave: noisy loops in some instrument presets
Edison, Slicex, Convolver: freeze when using pitch detection and “dump to piano roll”
MIDI Out: freeze when selecting some presets
Newtone: density parameter is not remembered correctly
Patcher: audio output of new generator plugins is not automatically connected to the Patcher output

Access violation when a MIDI device is reconnected
Can’t select save location for files
Magic mouse scrolling conflicts with mouse clicks
Wrong icon for audio and instrument track in the channel rack

DirectWave: access violation when used in Patcher
DirectWave: access violation when importing more than one file through Finder
Video Player: mute button glyph is a question mark