FL Studio 20.1 beta 1



Steps and notes on channels can be looped to accomodate the pattern length
Added instrument and audio track modes in the playlist
Control Surface now has a “Digits” control
All playlist tracks are set to 100% height in new songs
Time knob in channel settings window is now automatable for sampler channels
Collapsed panels in various dialog windows are now open by default
Added “Tree display” option in mixer track’s File menu
Better contrast on channel buttons and playlist clips in high visibility mode
“Delete” item in playlist track menu has “e” as its shortcut
Piano roll is kept open when cloning a pattern
Added option to enable or disable automatic update checks
Added option to show GUI update speed in frames per second to the cpu meter popup menu
The Channel Rack window now has a close button

ZGE Visualizer: import support for animated GIF files
ZGE Visualizer: 3 new shader effects from Flockaroo



UI options can be set from Diagnostic
Diagnostic and Plugin Manager have a macOS menu




Crash when double clicking empty patterns in the playlist
Effect slots have the preset name instead of the plugin name when “Auto name effects” is off
Envelopes don’t use the user data folder
Main volume slider is applied to consolidated audio when “Enable master effects” is on
Problem with mute lock/solo state when consolidation is undone
Problem dragging piano roll notes with shift + hold
Recorded MIDI events don’t show up in playlist clips
Some controls wrap incorrectly when using infinite rotary controllers
Unlock from the about window doesn’t use an https connection

DirectWave: crash when opening the 9loops demo project
Edison: black box after adding a sample




Access violation when creating a thumbnail for the NI Replika VST plugin
Application signing broken when changing graphics settings
Can’t drag “Save preset as” menu item for plugins inside Patcher
Changing pitch in channel settings sometimes shows another control’s hint
File aliases shown in browser don’t play previews
Multi-monitor issues