FL Studio 20.1 beta 2



FPS counter is now on the CPU panel, can be shown instead of the voice count
New output folder option for command line rendering: /O
The channel rack’s maximum width has been increased

Patcher: new option to close all plugin windows when the Patcher editor window is closed
Patcher: audio inputs are now also shown for generator plugins that have them
Plugin Manager: no more [64bit] suffix for plugins that have no 32 bit version




Access violation deleting a channel that was added as an instrument track
Audio track’s icon in the playlist is not updated to reflect the armed status of its mixer track
Automation clips are not grouped with their audio track
Burn to pattern doesn’t respect pattern length
Channel looping mode doesn’t have any effect
Clips remain selected when a new audio track is added
Crash dragging items in the picker panel
Crash tweaking looping controls with notes in the piano roll
Crash when clicking on the graph editor
Fire edition upgrade options are not correct
Looping is not enabled when advanced controls are tweaked
Notes no longer work if started after the start point
Playback of looped clips in the playlist continues past the end of the clip
Pattern clip has one extra pixel on the right edge, in the playlist
Picker panel doesn’t switch to the audio clip tab when audio is dropped on a playlist track header
Picker panel instead of the playlist scrolls when something is dragged to the bottom of the playlist
“PRForm already exists” error in some situations
Random freeze during playback
Swing knob has incorrect default value
Temporary freeze when an upgrade message is hidden with “Don’t show this in the future”
Unlock controls on the about panel are in the wrong location
Using mono with non-looped samples results in samples not played after the first note

Wrapper: VST3 plugin editor windows are larger than they should be
ZGE Visualizer: Ragdoll crashes when reopened