FL Studio 20.1 beta 5



Channel rack can now be closed by pressing escape
Shift + click on an item in the picker panel will open the rename dialog for it
ZGameEditor wizard presets added




AV error sometimes happening when loading projects with channel looping
Freeze when scaling notes on looped channels
no Autosave when adding plugins via F8
Clicking on clip in multi selection doesn’t select the corresponding item in the picker.
AV when switching SS loop btn during audio loop rec
Update MIDI settings ‘Hold and sostenuto’ text
Export Mp3 and Wav at same time will produce noise in mp3-file when 24-bit is selected
Issue when cloning audio clips channels from audio tracks
The Mixer PDC label is 2 pixels too low
Tempomap slows down automation clips tweaking
DW will not load when default user path is not set
Instrument track from existing channel is routed to master track
Add Horizontal scrolling when dragging clips above playlist
Change color of loop button’s caption when it’s pressed



Override generic links’ and ‘Link to controller’ dialogs no window name
DW Library Tab grid is empty