FL Studio 20.5 RC1



New plugin: FLEX
Update MIDI device list when the computer wakes up after sleeping
Added “Don’t show this in the future” checkbox to the deletion dialog for channels and effects
Added “Don’t show this in the future” for error message when a midi device can’t open
Added plugin performance monitor window
New option to change the maximum number of backup files
New troubleshooting option to set FL Studio path in registry to the location of the current instance
Underrun counter is no longer increased while a project opens
Don’t allow a user data folder that FL can’t write to
Open DirectWave when a soundfont file is dropped on the channel rack
“Transparent windows” option now has only two values (on and off)
New shortcuts for “mute selection” (Shift + M) and “unmute selection” (Alt + Shift + M) in PL and PR
Show a warning when the program is started as an administrator user
Added button to reset all “don’t show this in the future” checkboxes to the General settings window
Improved error messages and unlock status when unlocking from the about window
Preview browser sample for full length with ALT + click
Visibility of left and right docks in the mixer is now stored in the project file
Step mode is now disabled by default in the denoiser tool (in Edison)
Default template selection is now done in the General settings window

Control Surface: popup menu for multiple selected items applies changes to all
Control Surface: support presets for label, digi wheel and XY controls
Control Surface: choose control style when adding a new control
EQUO and Fruity Vocoder: background image painting is now cached
FL Studio Mobile: updated to new version
Fruity Blood Overdrive is now a native FL plugin and available in macOS
Fruity Scratcher: added option to increase the size of the window 2x in each dimension
Patcher: new option to show cpu usage of modules
Plugin Manager: check mark for favorite plugins is now a star
WaveShaper: truncation of a signal is now linked to the render option “HQ for all plugins”
WaveShaper: new “smooth” option
Wave Traveller and Fruity Scratcher are now vectorized and available in macOS
ZGE Visualizer: added “Select all” buttons to images and meshes list
ZGE Visualizer: support export to Instagram resolutions and aspect ratios
ZGE Visualizer: added color parameter to WetInkSpiral effect
ZGE Visualizer: new effects (Alien Thorns, Alps, Boaty Goes Caving, Fluidity, Frozen Wasteland, Neptune Racing, Space Jewels, Spherical Polyhedra, Xyptonjtroz), Youlean Mask, Youlean From Buffer, Youlean Background MDL, Youlean Audio Shake
ZGE Visualizer: support nearest filtering mode for imported pictures
ZGE Visualizer: use presets as image source
ZGE Visualizer: stream video from URL
ZGE Visualizer: choose videos or images from Pexels.com

Added VSTi and AU plugin versions of FL Studio
Implemented denoiser for Edison
New drag and drop implementation
Support for .RX2 files




16bit FLAC export renders corrupt file
Alt + right click to preview clip doesn’t work when PR is open
Audio recording broken with loop rec off and a PL time selection
Auto-rename is done for instrument tracks when relevant options are off
Automation clips play during countdown timer while recording
Avoid unnecessary repainting of the PL when audio clips have automated pitch
Browser font size resets to small randomly, snapshots reset to full browser
Can’t open some wave files
Can’t select multiple patterns linked to instrument tracks
Channel settings dialog displays unparsed env variables in file path
Crash opening popup menus in some circumstances
Crash pressing return / enter key in More plugin window when no plugin is selected
Crash opening projects with invalid pattern number data
Crash on startup when the user data location is invalid
Can’t unlock the program from the about window when the account email address contains a +
Channel Rack does not remember its width
Channel clone option creates different sound than clone + manual copy of notes
Clone channel with multiple selection doesn’t work in filter group
Closing toolbar editor can crash
Coloring linked tracks doesn’t work when more than one channel targets the same mixer track
Consolidation freezes or pauses at the start when using Fruity Video Player
Corrupted project files because of tempo maps
Dragging sample to browser doesn’t locate its folder but adds a new one
Dropping a sample on the channel rack creates a copy of the file
Dropping a clip from the picker panel on a PL track header doesn’t create an audio track
Dropping a plugin preset in the mixer always adds new plugin to currently selected mixer track
Dropping a sample from Edison ends up loading an incorrect file when the project was saved zipped
First plugin preset shows up twice in instrument track mode menu
Graph editor is not hidden when CR is detached
Import of time signature from MIDI file is incorrect in some cases
In-app shop shows products that aren’t for sale anymore
Inconsistency with naming of plugin instances from different sources
Incorrect channel index leads to crashes when loading some flp files
“Invalid pointer operation” after opening the “more” window
Issues with track routing when assigning instrument tracks from the channel rack
It’s possible to delete the only channel in the channel rack when deleting an instrument track
Lock to content for PL tracks doesn’t work properly for instrument tracks
Memory leaks
Merging pattern clips affects unrelated patterns
Missing samples dialog doesn’t have correct file extension in filter list when locating the samples
Missing samples dialog displays unparsed env variables as hint
Missing shortcuts for “dropped samples” popup window
Mixer mute / volume button & wheel on plugin window break in certain situations
Mixer crash when using some mixer track presets
Mixer track names show up italic when scaled and mixer is set to one of the compact modes
Patterns playing from random position when switching
Pattern names in pattern menus can’t be clicked when they start with a “-” character
Potential crash using zip files when the shared program files location is not the default one
PPQ affects the default note length
Preset filename is not used for empty effect slot when auto-name is off
Project info box is shown over “should be unlocked” message box at startup
Recorded events in the PL are offset incorrectly
Rendered audio clip sounds quieter than live version
Right shift + click on the left side of a clip in the PL moves the whole selection to the left
Rotate right and rotate left functions in the channel rack don’t account for pattern length
Selected channel is incorrect after cloning
Selection in PL gets stuck in resizing mode once edge is clicked
Sustained note recording into overlapping patterns causes extreme note lengths
Using “reset mixer track” doesn’t update the Changed flag
Waves plugin crashes when project is opened

Autogun: preset numbers don’t show up correctly after loading project
Dashboard: unzip function extracts to FL folder instead of user data folder
DirectWave: editor doesn’t update when preset is dropped on channel settings tab of the plugin window
DirectWave: parameters aren’t recorded correctly in event automation
DirectWave: improved warning message shown when opening a soundfont
Control Surface: project saved on macOS can’t be opened in Windows
Control Surface: access violation when closing project
Control Surface: label and bevel controls have parameters when they shouldn’t
Edison: freeze detecting pitch regions
EQUO, FPC: opening a preset that was saved at minimal size will have glitches
EQUO: graphical glitch
FPC: MIDI loops are not read from both user and factory data locations
Fruity Filter: extreme DC offset on low frequencies
Fruity Notebook and Notebook 2: FL doesn’t ask to save song after changing text and closing FL
Fruity Phaser: error message when turning the knob on Patcher preset “1K Phaser”
Fruity Send: pan and volume knobs don’t have a hint
Harmless: no hints when hovering over switches
Harmless: visual glitch at 125% scaling
Harmor: images over a certain size and using the formant mix knob cause a crash
Love Philter: access violation
Love Philter: CPU usage spikes when playback stops
Maximus, Fruity Limiter: set the ATT / LMH Del control value on mouse release only
Maximus: control hints not available or show wrong values
Newtone: access violation when opening a sample
Patcher: freeze when switching presets in some cases
Plugin Manager: potential crash because of update message when starting
Plugin Manager: loading existing presets takes too long
Slicex: auto-dump option is active even though its checkbox is turned off
Transistor Bass: controls for sequencer tab listed in last tweaked menu
Transistor Bass: FL crashes when the plugin is closed
VFX Level Scaler, Keyboard Splitter: problems with hints
VFX Key Mapper: no hint on Offset control and problems with other hints
Wave Candy: crash when minimising or showing the window
Wrapper: “bridged” state for plugin is not remembered
Wrapper: incorrect latency for Meldaproduction plugins after opening an flp file
ZGE Visualizer: with export hanging when many input videos are used

Caps lock acts like shift is held, and sometimes doesn’t turn off
Caps lock causes Shift + Left-Click to function as slice tool
Crash with samples with very long filenames and paths
Crash when deleting a channel
Drag and drop to Channel Rack not working for files located on Boot Camp partition
Drag and drop to 3rd party plugins doesn’t work from native effects plugins
IL Remote: commands are processed incorrectly by FL
Pinch and zoom from the trackpad is too slow
Runtime error 216 during installation and launching OsxFL
Two finger pinch gesture causes window resizing
Very long mp3 files fail to import
Wave files in Microsoft ADPCM format are not supported

Control Surface: adding controls via drag doesn’t work
Maxx’s plugins: right-click context menus are not available
Minisynth: all audio is muted
Plugin Manager: freeze while scanning
Wrapper: settings not persisted
Wrapper: Komplete Kontrol AU version hangs FL Studio when exiting
Wrapper: UAD AudioUnit plugins report incorrect latency when processing buffer size changes
Wrapper: CPU usage rises when opening plugin window toolbar for some JUCE plugins
ZGE Visualizer: preview window appears white after wizard is closed


Wrapper: bridged plugin window doesn’t show at the correct size when FL is scaled by Windows
Wrapper: external window for bridged plugins has tiny caption bar when FL scales itself