FL Studio 20.5



Crash when audio recording is stopped and auto save was triggered while recording
Freeze or crash closing FL Studio while plugin windows are open
Plugin performance monitor can sometimes show negative “peak” value
Potential freeze when inserting, moving or deleting a pattern during loop recording of audio
“Send master sync” doesn’t work after a refresh when new MIDI devices were attached
Some “Advanced” templates don’t release voices properly (templates updated)

Delay 3: crash / freeze / noise with certain settings
DirectWave: crash when loading stock convolution impulses
FLEX: “missing preset” panel’s download button can incorrectly triggers multiple downloads
FLEX: graphical glitch in packs list when scrollbar is enabled
FPC: opening a preset doesn’t open the corresponding MIDI loop
Plugin Manager: potential crash opening plugin list right when the program starts
Transistor Bass: crash when loading a project that uses the plugin
Wrapper: resizable VST3 editor windows are not sized properly after opening the wrapper settings tab
Wrapper: freeze when opening some plugins
Wrapper: MIDI events sent by VST3 plugins are not processed
Wrapper: plugins with unicode characters in the name aren’t found when a project or preset is opened
Zge Visualizer: export crash using certain combination of effects

Shift + drag into Slicex doesn’t work

Diagnostic: reset settings doesn’t work
Wave Traveller: deleting nodes doesn’t work