FL Studio 20.6.2




Show warning when the user data folder is set to an invalid location

ZGE Visualizer: added “BPM step” option to Image Mashup effect




Don’t show admin warning when FL VSTi is started

Crash updating PDC delay lines

Crash opening projects with demo plugins

“Drive not found” crash at startup

Crash updating the screen of the Fire

Freeze when dragging “Save score as…” menu item over the playlist button in the main toolbar

Echo Delay / Fat Mode pitch control doesn’t work with stretch when a time is set

Adjusting properties of multiple notes in the piano roll doesn’t work well for “X” and “Y”

Steps can be added after pattern length

Toolbar can become glitchy if a specific point is clicked with the mouse wheel button

Blood Overdrive: high CPU usage in 32 bits

Distructor: high CPU usage in 32 bits

Dashboard: do not show unregistrable plugins in detected problems section

Fruity wrapper: opening presets for VST3 plugins from .vstpreset files doesn’t work

Fruity Wrapper: crash with some plugins

Fruity Wrapper: garbage characters in parameter names in Kontakt

ZGE Visalizer: fixes and improvements to “Youlean Oscilloscope” and “Youlean Waveform”

ZGE Visualizer: export failure when “Supersample” and “Uncompressed” options are both on



Crash when the user data folder is set to a location that can’t be written to