FL Studio 20.7.2




6878 Added option to disable automatic switching of the Channel Rack’s display filter

9431 Added modifier keys to force showing (alt) or not showing (shift) the MIDI import options window

9315 “Select source channel” can now preserve the clip’s start/end position for comp editing (hold Shift)

7386 Controls in the program now show their value as a hint when the mouse is hovered over them

9098 Internal presets of AudioUnit plugins are now supported

9276 Updated Intel Performance Primitives (IPP) to the latest version

9474, 9475, 9476 Most lists based on filenames now have numbers sorted logically (2 before 10)

9028 FLEX: added some small animations to the browser

9499 FLEX: publish patches for the selected pack as presets in FL Studio

9388 ZGE Visualizer: “Remove unused” button added to Image tab

9376 ZGE Visualizer: added logo to the plugin editor window

9316 Scripting: added an extra parameter to channels.channelNumber to optionally respect groups

9357 Scripting: added a function to retrieve the original name for the focused plugin

9321 Scripting: moved ProcessRECEvent to “general” module

9401 Scripting: added ui.HideWindow

9460 Scripting: scripts can indicate that an event is unhandled but requires no default processing.

9526 Scripting: added getRecPPQ function

9514 Scripting: added an extra parameter to ui.getVersion to get the version number as numeric values

9421 Scripting: added a function to activate “edit events in piano roll”

9420 Scripting: added a function to retrieve the name of the MIDI device the script is associated with

9219 Scripting: new controller script – Forward all Midi CC



4973 Hide detached windows when the application minimizes.




9384 Automation delay compensation introduces visual issues with mixer track controls

9362 Automation of the mix level knob of a plugin is out of sync when slots are swapped

9361 Automating the mix level knob of a plugin with latency will cut sound for a little bit

9336 Can’t choose channels used in another arrangement for “Instrument track > Use existing channel”

9490 Can’t drop a clip from the picker panel on the last playlist

9370 Changing the wallpaper is not remembered, it reverts to the default when opening the program

9562 Channel loop marker in the piano roll doesn’t move correctly when dragged

7111 Channel rack window doesn’t snap to steps when resized after buttons are set to a preset width

9492 Child tracks in the playlist are re-colored when grouping a new track

9523 Click on Pattern/Song button doesn’t refresh the song position display

9283 Copying a pattern time signature to the PL doesn’t work

9282 Copying a pattern time signature to the PL uses the wrong marker

9003 Copy/paste of envelope data doesn’t work between plugins

9510 Crash processing a MIDI message coming from the Fire device

8272 Crash report: Menu index out of range

9417 Crash when renaming plugins

9575 Crash when changing a channel’s group to unsorted

9379 Crash with Maschine Controller when the recording precount is enabled

9363 Delayed automation goes to the wrong effect slot if two slots are swapped

9393 Deleting all empty channel display filters switches to the “all” filter when it shouldn’t

8239 Dragging the PR “Save score as” menu to a PR in another FL Studio instance doesn’t work

9577 Dropping samples in the channel rack doesn’t always add a channel in the correct location

9365 Dropping a MIDI file on the first channel will show the channel type selector in the import window

9462 Dropping a VFX plugin on the mixer opens it in Patcher, but shows error message first

8394 Dropping a VFX plugin on the channel rack opens it in an effect instead of a generator Patcher

9461 Dropping a VFX plugin on the channel rack doesn’t open the Patcher window

5968 Effect plugin names are lost when opening a mixer track state

9520 Error message when loading a DWP file after rendering a channel to DirectWave

9470 File lists in various places are not sorted correctly if there are numbers in the file names (WIP)

9570 Freeze when burning a channel to MIDI after creatin a DirectWave instrument

9398 Hint for the Time knob in channel settings is broken

9488 Holding shift when replacing source channel in audio clips only works for the first selected clip

9079 Inconsistent behavior when focusing detached mixer, playlist and other windows

9452 Loading some .PNG files results in a black background

9366 Loop markers set to step/beat/bar won’t update when adding/removing notes

9533 Mixer track control in channel settings window doesn’t disable when set to an instrument track

9509 Mono/Stereo mode for “Export all playlist tracks” only applies to the first track

9491 No preview for dragged clips on the last playlist track

9350 Problem uploading to SoundCloud

9375 Recorded audio clips are placed one tick early in the PL

9358 Recorded notes are show even when they’re deleted when recording stops

9425 Recorded clips change position when recording stops or loops

735 Rename dialog for channel groups shows up near the bottom of the channel rack instead of the top

9572 Rendering a channel to a DirectWave instrument causes glitches and data loss

9291 “Reset plugins on transport” causes clicks with some plugins

9364 Route level isn’t shown correctly if the source track has latency

9217 Shift+Ctrl+C shortcut in the channel rack overrides global pattern clone shortcut

8979 Shift+up in the sample browser will focus SliceX, which steals the keyboard focus

9468 Renaming audio and automation clips in the playlist doesn’t immediately update the picker panel

9571 The “Create DirectWave instrument” window has incorrect default values for some options

9322 Trim PDC on export doesn’t work unless WAV export is selected

853 Typing the value for a channel’s target mixer track mutes channels

9427 Tweaking mixer track controls causes visual twitching when there is latency

9296 Wrong playback position with playback tool and timestretch mode

9367 “Zoom out full” in the PL and PR doesn’t use the correct time selection if it’s past the song length

8527 Control Surface: can’t select knobs after scrolling the view

9369 Control Surface: setting the background color of a label turns it black

9279 Edison: acquire noise profile doesn’t work if the Denoiser option was off during clean-up

9415 DirectWave: dropping new samples messes up existing zones

9138 Distructor: artefacts with Asymmetry knob when “plugins reset on transport” is enabled

9439 FLEX: lag when changing packs in the browser using arrow keys

9503 FLEX: the selected patch is not immediately visible when opening the FLEX editor window

9502 FLEX: missing packs can’t be downloaded from the “Problems loading the project” window

823 FL Studio VSTi: tempo sync option is not remembered

6005 FPC: access violation when changing samples after deleting an instance

9371 Wave Traveller: freezes when used in Patcher

9356 Wrapper: ppening a shell plugin will show the “Troubleshooting” tab instead of the “Shell” tab

777 XYZ Controller: Absolute Mode is not recalled correctly when loading a preset

9403 ZGE Visualizer: Problem with presets that use “to buffer” with a value other than 100%

9386 ZGE Visualizer: Issue with Drop Shadow effect

9355 ZGE Visualizer: Performance issues when there are many videos in the list of image sources

9294 ZGE Visualizer: Youlean Oscilloscope does not enable the Audio Src dropdown

7141 ZGE Visualizer: several postprocessing effects do not support transparency

9466 ZGE Visualizer: videos exported sometimes do not work when uploaded to IGTV and Facebook

9320 Scripting: GetCurrentStepParam and SetStepParam don’t work properly with groups

9506 Scripting: get/set channel Volume/Pan should respect channel groups

9504 Scripting: crash running device functions when the device is not connected

9519 Scripting: playlist.isTrackMuted returns the opposite value

9457 Scripting: getFocusedPluginName doesn’t return the correct name for wrapped plugins



9368 Crash: “SListIndexError” when dropping a MIDI file on the channel rack

9229 Plugin Picker doesn’t show up properly on very wide aspect ratio screens

9501 Tempo isn’t read from MP3 files

9396 Edison: crash using “Generate Noise” when there is no sample loaded

9056 FL Studio AU: the plugin doesn’t accept note input from the host application

9402 Scripting: ui.Left and ui.Right will produce strange characters inside the plugin picker search box