FL Studio 20.7.3



9681 Added an unlock window to replace unlocking from the about window

7025 Added batch export to .zip file to the command line options

9410 Added option Tools > “Export all playlist track groups” to the playlist menu

9542 Allow specifying a single filename instead of a folder for command line render to MIDI

6844 Better coloring of scales on the FL Studio Fire device when using different root notes

5169 Edit > “Make unique” in the playlist menu now applies to any clip type.

8993 Moved percentage column in performance monitor closer to the plugin name

1637 Peak meter now indicates potential clipping even when the audio driver doesn’t require it

9697 Renamed Help > Purchase FL Studio, plugins and upgrades” menu

9435 Renamed View > “Note colors” > “Presets” to “Palette” in the piano roll menu

9560 Selecting a new source pattern for a clip optionally takes the start point into account

7565 Show a warning when saving a project with big wave data in Edison instances

9578 Show a drop location indicator when new channels are dragged to the channel rack

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.4.2 (https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1964&t=163040)

9757 Diagnostic: show better info about the version of Windows 10

9881 ZGE Visualizer: added parameters to mirror and flip source image to “Youlean From Buffer” effect

9549 Scripting: Added a function to select a channel exclusively

9559 Scripting: Added a function to work with pitch bend range

9618 Scripting: Added functions to get channel and mixer plugin info



9628 Alt + left click can solo a channel but doesn’t unsolo

9377 Audio export freezes when using skip markers

9558 Beat indicator doesn’t respect time signature changes

9489 Browser doesn’t refresh when there’s a new file in an open folder after rendering

9616 Cancelling the Advanced Fill tool doesn’t remove the pattern length marker

9651 Changing multiple selected mixer sliders shows hint for a slider the user isn’t changing

9782 Crash on startup because trying to open the file “Auto Saved.nvp”

9481 Crash on startup on some computers

9591 Crash opening a specific project: list index out of bounds

9256 Crash when importing a MIDI file

9748 Crash when loading an .aiff file

9211 Crash when trying to preview audio files in the browser

9464 Crash while loading a project

9809 Crash report: access violation

9855 Crash when adding controller links

7803 Detached Edison’s window is not sized correctly after dragging a sample

9534 Disable auto-scroll when dragging content in to or out of the playlist

9876 Favorite plugin lists are sorted incorrectly when a folder name starts with a number

9705 Fill each 2 step deletes and locks steps in loop mode

9604 FL Studio opens un-maximized if it was closed while minimized

6069 Graph editor doesn’t update when using the Fire device if a two knobs are used at the same time

9831 Make unique as sample is always disabled

8924 Mixer tracks can deselect unintendedly

9846 Mixer track rendering puts audio clips at the wrong place

8142 No key labels in the piano roll when scale highlighting is “automatic” and view is “root notes”

9521 Notes can get stuck when they’re sent to Edison or other effect plugins that process notes

9587 Piano roll grid doesn’t update when using the paint tool

9607 Playlist audio track recording creates new tracks on additional takes even when not necessary

8586 Playlist items in a hidden group can be deleted

9622 Plugins aren’t always sorted correctly in the favorites menu

9602 Potential bug removing plugins

9600 Potential crash when loading a state for some plugins

3150 Pressing F2 when a detached plugin is focused renames the pattern instead of the plugin

9723 “See the news on our website” opens the main page instead of the news page

9553 The original clip tempo hint changes when the time stretching method is changed

9928 Typo: some dialog text says “BMP” instead of “BPM” for tempo values

9273 Undo of recorded takes no longer removes all recorded clips

7979 Using the left/right arrow keys inside the main menu gets stuck on the Patterns menu

9551 Wrong hint for pitch

9722 Wrong order when dropping multiple files on the channel rack

4601 Control Surface: mouse wheel doesn’t work on controls in some cases

8606 Control Surface: slider orientation is not being accounted for when resizing from the menu

9817 DirectWave: the editor window can’t be made smaller after hiding and showing it

9459 Edison: crash in clean up / denoise tool

9547 Edison: crash when zooming in and out in spectrum view

9703 FLEX: crash selecting a preset on a second user account

9772 FPC: not all controls show a hint

9595 Fruity Dance: crash when loading an unexpected type of image

9596 Fruity Free Filter: creates DC offset or signal which mutes audio on playback stop

9304 Fruity Scratcher: the sample position doesn’t change if the mouse reaches the edge of the screen

9515 Fruity Slicer: crash when loading sample with out of range markers in it

8171 Newtime and Newtone: editor window has an incorrect size when a project is loaded

5506 Patcher: double clicking a module doesn’t focus the module’s editor window if it’s already visible

9879 Razer Chroma: control popup menus have unreadable text

9567 Wrapper: kCanAutomate and kIsReadOnly flags for VST3 plugin parameters aren’t used

9679 Wrapper: triggering notes on VST3 plugins doesn’t use the maximum possible velocity

9803 Wrapper: activateBus is sometimes called while processing is active for VST3 plugins

9802 Wrapper: activateBus is called incorrectly when a VST3 plugin calls restartComponent

9683 ZGE Visualizer: dragging a layer should auto-scroll layers into view

9670 ZGE Visualizer: source video sometimes stutters when exporting at 4k resolution

9890 ZGE Visualizer: “Passthrough” mode in BufferBlender effect does not work

9548 Scripting: channels.SelectOneChannel selects channel exclusively

9480 Scripting: pressing more than one pad simultaneously causing one of the pads to remain active



9769 Crash when saving Guitar Rig

9732 Crash in RestoreHiddenForms

7984 Left/right arrow keys close menus

9824 Plugin window glitches when minimizing FL Studio and a second screen is connected