FL Studio 20.7 Release Candidate 2



8879 The drop location for samples with unknown length is shown with a fade out on the right side

8902 Select a color and close the color picker by double-clicking on a color

8919 The View > “Python output” menu has been renamed to “Script output”

8891 Added button to copy results from the test log




8943 Crash related to restarting a MIDI device

8911 Disk recording doesn’t work for tracks with a negative latency set

8880 Division by zero error after using Advanced Fill tool

8927 Plugins aren’t notified about playback if they’re opened while FL Studio is playing

8910 The mixer’s “Compensate automations” option isn’t saved in the project

8901 The color dialog appears partially off screen if it’s opened close to the edge

8899 The text color for notes with the same note color but different velocity is sometimes different

8934 MIDI scripting: F11 and F12 keys are not supported in the GenericTransport function

8935 MIDI scripting: mixer.soloTrack doesn’t work

8921 Control Surface: changing colors for the Keyboard control doesn’t always work

8873 Convolver: the T shortcut doesn’t trigger its impulse

8895 DirectWave: presets that use ogg-encoded samples take longer than expected to open

8928 Patcher: crash when opening NewTime or Newtone

8942 ZGE Visualizer: incorrect behaviour when effects are several levels deep in subfolders



6814 File creation date is changed when an existing file is saved

8917 Crash on exit when FL Studio VSTi is open

8649 DirectWave: Can’t find DirectWaveCtEngine library when opening external sample formats