FL Studio 20.7



9054 The Presets view of the color dialog now shows the old color picker layout

9043 ZGE Visualizer: added “square 1:1” to the aspect ratio selector

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.2.85 (https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1964&t=163040)



9007 Crash when initializing Maschine MIDI device

9059 Incorrect position in plugins when playback is stopped

9036 “Line” snap quantizes automation while recording

8573 Missing samples dialog has hidden “reload project” button focused when opening a project

9031 Rendering WhatsNew.flp visually stalls, progress bar does not update (Anna Mia song)

9049 Scripting: can not remap MIDI IN channel (OnMidiMsg)

9053 Some templates included in the installer don’t have the “Compensate automations” option set

9034 When importing a MIDI file, no FLEX channels are added if the “new project” option is unchecked

8862 DirectWave: crash writing the configuration to a file

9055 Fruity balance: cpu usage is too high when the editor window is open

9042 VFX Envelope: envelopes are triggered early

9044 ZGE Visualizer: shift-space and ctrl-space unicode characters appear as squares in Wizard presets



9033 Crash on overwriting file during export on Catalina