FL Studio 20.8.4



10496 Native Apple Silicon support

11056 Added an option to preview notes as they are mouse clicked into the piano roll during playback

11072 Added an option to ignore level and mute state when recording “post” effects in the mixer

5538 Added an option to reset the routing of selected tracks in the mixer

11108 Added a test for the expiration of the program

10784 Added a toolbar button to see the current language and change it

6269 Added “mode” selector to the global links window

11204 Added “pickup” functionality for controls linked to external controllers (option in MIDI settings)

11530 Increased brightness of volume label on mixer tracks

11325 Renamed “Consolidate track(s)” > “Full song” to “From song start” (like in the export options)

11086 Replaced the folder selection window with a regular file window

10161 Separated reset of swing and arpeggiator in the window shown after burning MIDI to the channel

9874 Show a warning when trying to make a selection unique and a lot of clips are selected

10991 The piano roll note properties window is now shown on the same screen as the piano roll

10780 When changing the language, warnings are now shown in multiple languages if necessary

10034 Added an option to reset the language after changing it

9848 Changed “Note names” > “Neo-Latin” to “Solfege (do, re, mi…)”

11133 Added options to export all playlist tracks “from track start”, “from song start” or “time selection”

9993 Show the name of the parameter being edited in the remote control settings window

10430 Allow arming a mixer track that doesn’t have an external audio input open

10990 All piano roll tool windows are now shown on the same screen as the piano roll

7506 3xOsc: added anti-aliasing to oscillators

10529 Control Surface: added a “Show labels” option to show or hide control labels

11026 Diagnostic: show drives and disk space

11683 Diagnostic: show some message when internet connection not available

11466 Distructor: changed hints in Crusher distortion to display Hz/Bits instead of percentage

10907 Edison: apply visualization options without closing the menu when a right-click is used

10899 Edison: Renamed “Disable undo for large samples” menu to “Enable undo for large samples”

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.6.6 (https://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_changelog)

11062 Maximus & Limiter: added a menu option to turn off the safety -0.2 dB

8680 New “Frequency shifter” plugin

11440 Patcher: added C and V hotkeys for copy and paste on inactive parameter popups

11367 Wrapper: small performance improvement

10591 ZGE Visualizer: added video scrubbing with the new “Video Controller” effect

11320 ZGE Visualizer: the webcam can now be used in multiple instances at once

11344 ZGE Visualizer: the built-in audio engine can now be used from scripting

11587 ZGE Visualizer: new “Peakmap” effect by Dubswitcher

11239 ZGE Visualizer: now outputs the “RGB average” internal controller for each buffer

11373 Scripting: added option to get user defined name to the GetPluginName function

11475 Scripting: added Hardware_Refresh_ControlValues flag for OnRefresh event

11537 Scripting: added the function mixer.isTrackMuteLock

11576 Scripting: added getTrackStereoSep and setTrackStereoSep functions to mixer module

11579 Scripting: added function to get color of keys for a specific plugin (only FPC for now)

Added new Daniel Stawczyks and Nucleon presets for Toxic Biohazard

Updated Patcher presets by Wiselabs




11263 Adding an instrument track in the playlist focuses the mixer window

11401 Adding new channels to the channel rack can be slow

11300 Audible glitches when changing the song position after playback with delay compensation

11733 Audio isn’t recorded when manual input latency is set to a negative value

11158 Changing the project’s PPQ doesn’t update the time markers of all arrangements

10474 Channel rack window becomes taller “Small scrollbars in editors” is toggled

11129 Channel states aren’t previewed when clicking on them in the browser

10238 Cloning an instrument track channel doesn’t assign it to a free mixer track

11694 Color history is not shown at 175% scaling

11058 Color of playlist and mixer instrument tracks doesn’t change when the channel preset changes

11449 Crash when clicking “Default value” in control popup menu in Meldaproduction VST3 plugins

11247 Crash when undoing channel deletion from “Unsorted”

11395 Ctrl+G to merge clips doesn’t work if there’s no selection in the playlist

11365 “Don’t show this in the future” option breaks “Make unique as sample”

11510 “Don’t show this in the future” option prevents deleting of patterns in the Picker panel

7949 Dropping a soundfont file on a Fruity Soundfont Player channel opens it in DirectWave instead

11572 Editing automation clips lowers the framerate of the program

10975 “Enable master effects” in the render window processes effects even when they’re disabled

11139 “Export all playlist tracks” ignores the playlist time selection

11177 “Export all playlist tracks” extends the exported audio files to the longest track length

11641 Exporting split mixer tracks exports all tracks instead of only the used ones

11157 “Fast declick on cut groups” in Project settings never turns off once it’s turned on

11073 Generator plugins are not removed when the user chooses this in the file size warning window

11220 Generic links defined in controller presets can’t be overridden

10039 Graph editor shows up and sticks to the wrong position when there are multiple screens

11503 Graphical glitches in the playlist scrollbar when the “Thick lines” setting is off

11522 Incorrect file paths used in some circumstances

11228 Key selector in the PR limit tool window shows a “0” octave for note names

11539 KVR search for a missing plugin doesn’t work anymore (removed search option)

11671 Locating VST3 plugins from a missing VST plugin’s info doesn’t always work

10174 Main Volume control has an incorrect hint

11359 “Make unique” and “Merge pattern” options in the playlist close the piano roll

11568 Moving a group of clips in the playlist will also move the previous selected clip

1331 No help is shown when F1 is pressed while a VST plugin window is focused

10357 Note properties window sometimes closes immediately if you double click a note in the piano roll

11271 Passwords containing some specific characters can’t unlock the program

11578 Picker panel: “select in playlist” option doesn’t work correctly for unused clips

11250 Playlist: right-click on sub items of “Mini playlist preview” closes the popup menu

11246 PPQ control in project settings doesn’t revert to original value when the user cancels the change

11064 Pressing escape on the make unique window confirms the action instead of cancelling it

11046 Quick legato tool in the piano roll doesn’t extend the last note to the end of the bar

11269 Replacing an instrument track’s channel doesn’t always update the color in the playlist and mixer

11156 Sample start knob in sample settings shows as enabled for 3x Osc

11364 Setting a MIDI Out channel as an instrument track shows a track assignment message

11557 “Show file(s) when complete” option is visible when rendering mixer tracks to file

11280 The macro ‘Select unused channels’ is very slow

11049 The size estimate in the render window is wrong when “Split mixer tracks” is enabled

10812 “Track already in use” error when assigning an empty instrument track in a new arrangement

11182 Using “Quick Legato” on an empty piano roll crashes

11617 Boobass: crashes and corrupted audio when some notes are played

11102 Control Surface: controls act as though they’re endless when large changes are made

11103 Control Surface: the digits control isn’t precise with large values

11145 Control Surface: cloned keyboard controls don’t work correctly

11154 Control surface: the “Stay down” property of a button isn’t preserved when it’s duplicated

11144 Control surface: duplicating controls between instances of the plugin doesn’t copy all properties

11564 Control surface: the font color property of buttons doesn’t work correctly

11724 Convolver: crash or weird behavior when changing the envelope tension

11684 Diagnostic: copyright year in the report is incorrect

10735 Diagnostic: invalid information for audio devices

11025 Diagnostic: plugin search paths aren’t shown

11159 Diagnostic: shows “0” result for tests that weren’t executed

11186 DirectWave: visual position of sample start in the sample display is not updated on automation

11163 dB Meter: label for lowest value shows -34 instead of -36

11075 DirectWave: report the preset size to the host so it can show a “large file size” warning

11179 DirectWave: nothing happens when a FLAC file is dropped onto the plugin

11350 Edison: Spectrum view crashes

11131 FLEX: clicking on presets while downloading a pack shows an error message

11212 FLEX: any/all selector for tags does not look like a button

10179 FLEX: stuck notes when the arpeggiator switch is turned on while notes are playing

11376 Formula Controller: wrong hint for ABC parameters

11141 FPC: drag and drop from bank B to A doesn’t work

11580 FPC: the output offset control doesn’t allow the full range of 125 tracks

11494 Fruity Filter: high cpu usage in the performance monitor when Center is on

11336 Limiter: safety menu doesn’t reflect actual value

11701 MIDI Out: “Send pan, volume and pitch” isn’t correct initially

11268 Morphine: selecting the noise preset “Dusty Vinyl” in the morph/mix tab will cause a freeze

1795 Notebook & Notebook 2: the window is not scaled correctly for some old projects

11122 Patcher: error when rendering ZGE Visualizer

11120 Sytrus: incorrect hints for oversampling controls

11338 Tuner, Frequency Splitter and Frequency Shifter: logo isn’t shown

11080 Wave Traveller: difficult to set precise values by tweaking controls

10807 / 10330 Wrapper: parameters changed by the Console 1 plugin don’t show up right on its OSD

11689 Wrapper: key presses with CTRL, ALT or SHIFT aren’t sent to VST3 plugins correctly

11426 Wrapper: smart disable setting isn’t correct sometimes

11347 Wrapper: VST3 plugins can’t receive MIDI program change messages

11367 Wrapper: VST parameter changes are not undone correctly

11134 ZGE Visualizer: crash rendering a video

11342 ZGE Visualizer: editing and saving the .zgeproj file does not always refresh automatically

11643 ZGE Visualizer: freeze rendering with a specific preset

11140 ZGE Visualizer: unable to save a still image

11594 ZGE Visualizer: Youlean Oscilloscope does not use the Audio Src selection

11738 ZGE Visualizer: crash when loading presets

11188 ZGE Visualizer: freeze during export when automating Image Source from a bitmap to a video

11210 ZGE Visualizer: adjusting text from a wizard preset doesn’t always save the new positions

11242 ZGE Visualizer: sync issues when using multiple preloaded videos

11252 ZGE Visualizer: some videos aren’t preloaded because the size estimation is wrong

11272 ZGE Visualizer: webcam input has too much latency

11298 ZGE Visualizer: some presets crash when used on Apple Silicon

11213 Scripting: repeatMidiEvent sets status of message to 32 instead of its expected value

11534 Scripting: setParamValue doesn’t work for effect plugins

11491 Scripting: calling device.midiOutMsg from OnDeInit event will crash the program

11059 Scripting: crash loading the MIDI script for Novation Impulse



10460 Crash when clicking OK on the “beta has expired” message

11496 Diagnostic: FL Studio version number is shown as 0.0

11353 Filenames with special characters are displayed incorrectly

10829 Graphical glitches when closing the program

11207 Incorrect memory usage number shown on Big Sur

11330 Intel only VST and AU plugins aren’t found when FL Studio is running in Rosetta mode

11770 Loading AIF format samples crashes on Apple Silicon

11468 Minimize button doesn’t work on native ARM build

11037 Mini pianoroll preview in the channel rack doesn’t update correctly

11109 Mini playlist preview in the channel rack doesn’t always update correctly

11068 Pianoroll: graphical glitch when stretching and resizing notes

11486 Control Creator: native ARM version crashes on termination

10879 Diagnostic: version shown for Big Sur is 10.16 instead of 11.x

11292 Edison: “Rename all” crashes

11520 FL Studio AU: no sound when the plugin is used in FL Studio

11544 FL Studio AU doesn’t work in Logic Pro on Apple Silicon

11622 FL Studio VST and AU: cursors don’t always update correctly

11000 Newtime and Newtone: crash when deleting one instance on macOS Big Sur

11609 Newtone: send to playlist and saving a sample don’t work

11582 Parametric EQ 2: heatmap doesn’t work on Apple Silicon

11264 Stereo Shaper: the left and right speaker icons are not shown

11704 Sytrus: no audio when Pluck is active on Apple Silicon

11314 Wrapper: crash opening Slate Digital plugins



11110 Program doesn’t function correctly after the “beta will expire” message was shown

11511 DirectWave: the selection window is not shown when opening a multi-instrument soundfont file