FL Studio 20.8

Key Features

Frequency Splitter – Split and process audio into 2 or three bands using Linear Phase or Low Latency filters from -6 dB to 96 dB Octave. Visualize frequencies with a Frequency Histogram, Heatmap or dual display.

Instrument Tuner – Visual tuning indicator.

Fruity Parametric EQ 2 – New Frequency Histogram display, Linear Phase mode with artifact free high slew-rate modulation capability, Band Mute switchesSolo bands, improved Finite Impulse Response (FIR) down sampling filter and updated UI including Phase Rotation displayMid/Side/L/R frequency visualization monitoring.

Maximus – New Frequency Histogram display and Linear Phase filter mode.

Sampler / Audio Clip Channels – New Cut and Paste options from the Preview Window (Right-Click) options menu.

FLEX – New Browser with three layout modes for improved visual discovery. Added and arpeggiator switch. For some presets allows turning their Arpeggiator(s) off. This will turn orange when the option is available.

Transistor Bass – Added V2 TB303 cutoff range based on our best science! Our mostest accurate emulation of a real TB303 ever.

ZGE Visualizer – Drag and drop content on the Main Editor window to create Videos and Image layers.

(Right-Click) option to ‘Save still image‘ to a custom size from the Main Workspace.

Dragging and dropping image or video files on the plugin creates a Layer. Optionally, video is now preloaded to memory for improved performance and synchronization. NVIDIA accelerated CODEC now used to MP4 video generation (Windows only).

Control Surface / Patcher – Copy existing controls with a (Right-Click) ‘Duplicate’ option.

Merge Automation Clips – Selected Automation Clips can now be merged using the Playlist Edit menu.

Video Player – Reduced CPU usage during video playback. Video is now preloaded to memory for improved performance and synchronization.

Language Support – Support for additional display languages: Chinese. More languages to come soon, see the forum here.

Glitch free plugin loading – FL Studio audio is less likely to be interrupted while loading plugins. NOTE: If a plugin introduces processing latency, then audio glitches can’t be avoided.

Initialized Controls – Added a (Right-Click) option ‘Delete initial value‘ to remove initialized values from initialized/automated controls.

Automation Clips – Increased precision for control and parameter automation. Added a Channel Rack & Picker Panel (Right-Click) Automation Clip ‘Clone with links‘ to clone Automation Clips with their original links.

File size warning – Set the maximum size a FL Studio (.flp) project will save, before warning you about the size of the file.

Wrapper MIDI Support – There are now 16 ‘MIDI Channel Aftertouch’ parameters at the end of the ‘Browser > Current project > Generators parameter list‘, for all wrapped plugins (VST, VST3, AU), instead of just one.

Wrapper > Troubleshooting – Separated problem solving options from the Processing tab and added ‘Fast idle‘ option to increase the frame rate for some plugin editor windows.

Edison Desnoise (macOS) – Improved denoising algorithm to match Windows. New Smoothing control.

Toolbar (Right-Click) – Choose flat buttons because flat is the new phat.

Options requiring restart – FL Studio will automatically restart (with dialog) instead of just closing when using option that require restart such as Scaling, Language or User Data location. Yay!

Diagnostic – Now includes the most recent crash logs in its report.




10428 Crash report: resizing text of items in the browser sometimes crashes

10415 Mini Piano Roll in the channel rack displays the wrong bar count in the hint panel

10429 Multitrack audio recording put the clips in the wrong Playlist tracks

10423 Edison: freeze when using the denoise tool

10420 Patcher: missing connections in some factory presets

10418 Wrapper: “Allow smart disable” option doesn’t work


20.8 RC 6 (2020/12/07)




10409 Latency if a track changes if its send level is changed from zero to another value

10407 Mixer slot numbers on the file size warning message start with 0 instead of 1

10401 Automating the send level causes lower GUI frame rates when the mixer window is very big

10402 Control Surface: incorrect size after duplicating a control by dragging the menu item

10384 Diagnostic: incorrect Windows version reported

10412 Edison: garbled text in the Chinese translation when the Claw Machine tool is used

10408 Edison: crash using the “Tune Loop” tool

10413 Fruity Slicer: freeze when loading a sample during playback

10404 Parametric EQ 2: spurious audio generated when Linear mode is on

10410 Wrapper: Crash when mapping outputs for a plugin



10212 DirectWave: sample view controls are not visible


20.8 (RC 2 – 5) (2020/12/05)




10375 Frequency Splitter: LIN speed can now be set in milliseconds when using “Type in value”

10364 Wrapper: added channel aftertouch parameters for every MIDI channel to non-native plugins

10368 Scripting: added the function “plugins.setParamValue”




10352 A folder icon is displayed on the dry/wet control in the toolbar for effect windows

10347 Changing the filter group of all channels in a group to another one jumps to the wrong group

10351 Deleting the current filter group in the channel rack doesn’t add those channels to “Unsorted”

10333 Elastique dll crash when the sample rate of a sample is very low

10386 “HQ for all plugins” option prevents latency compensation when consolidating

10350 Memory leak in plugin and licenses tests

10366 “Set…” menu item is missing from control popup menu in plugins

10353 Control Surface: duplicating a label control by dragging doesn’t set the correct the text

10359 Control Surface: duplicating a slider leads to visual glitches

10378 Frequency Splitter: missing hint when hovering over the visuals display

10363 Frequency Splitter, Maximus and Parametric EQ 2: improve the frame rate of the histogram

10391 Maximus: switching between legacy FIR mode and LIN mode doesn’t switch it back to non-linear

10396 Maximus, Parametric EQ 2: high CPU usage when parameters are automated

10354 Maximus: LIN mode uses low cutoff when the low band is turned off

10385 Maximus: access violation when LIN mode is enabled (32 bit)

10389 Parametric EQ 2, Maximus: automation is ignored when rendering audio

10392 Parametric EQ 2: histogram updates slower than in other plugins

10390 Parametric EQ 2: 22050 Hz noise in linear phase mode

10379 Patcher: presets from FL Studio 10 open with incorrect links

9624 Patcher: sidechain audio nodes from FL Studio are not active when a project is opened

10329 Various plugins: envelope editor doesn’t show the step value while changing tension curves

3109 Wrapper: pitch and pitch bend range messages are only sent on MIDI channel 1

10365 Wrapper: VST3 plugins don’t respond to channel aftertouch

10372 ZGE Visualizer: the plugin menu appears on all tabs



10398 Plugin Manager: Crash when opened from the More… window

10367 Plugin Manager: all VST and VST3 plugins fail to scan


20.8 RC1 (2020/11/26)




10297 Add a “Flat buttons” option for the toolbar

10043 Added an option to clone automation clips with their links

6588 Added an option to remove an initialized value for a control

9931 Added an option to set the size that triggers the project data size warning

10080 Added a reset button to the user data location error dialog show at startup

10071 Added a warning when importing the Swing value from old projects

10182 Audio from a sample’s channel can now be copied to and pasted from the clipboard

4389 Automation clips can now be merged

647 Don’t automatically open all new channel settings windows after importing a MIDI file

9736 Don’t interrupt audio playback when loading a plugin

9886 Improved the message shown when a license expired or is about to expire

9142 Increased precision for control and parameter automation

9597 Most menus now don’t close when right-clicked to check or uncheck an item

10063 Restart instead of just closing when scaling, language or user data location have changed

9900 Some plugins can now convert text to a control value when ‘Type in value’ is used

6513 Support for display languages other than English

9959 Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for any url opened by the program

10091 Use the “Microsoft YaHei” font for the Chinese simplified language

9392 New plugin: Frequency splitter

6054 New plugin: Tuner

10082 Diagnostic now includes the most recent crash logs in its report

9982 Control Surface: it’s now possible to duplicate a control

9932 Convolver, Slicex: report estimated data size to FL Studio when saving

9967 FLEX: added Arpeggiator button

7813 FLEX: new view modes in the pack and preset browser

10008 FL Keys: show parameter value when the mouse is over a control

FL Studio Mobile updated to v3.4.8 (https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1964&t=163040)

9768 Maximus: added Linear Phase Mode

9920, 10248 Maximus and Parametric EQ 2: added frequency histogram option

9795 Parametric EQ 2: added band/token solo feature

10010 Parametric EQ 2: added hints in popup menus

9625 Parametric EQ 2: added HQ2 mode option

9569 Parametric EQ 2: added Linear Phase option

9794 Parametric EQ 2: added phase shift line

9781 Parametric EQ 2: better position for hint shown when dragging a band

9776 Parametric EQ 2: removed inner border from Editor window

10009 Parametric EQ 2: show parameter value when the mouse is over a control

9849 Parametric EQ 2: updated the visualization

9907, 9969, 9999 Parametric EQ 2: added band solo modes

10056 Parametric EQ 2: increased default size of the editor window

10088 Parametric EQ 2: in adaptive mode, bands keep their bandwidth while holding Shift

9438 Transistor Bass: added option to select a specific engine version to use (for compatibility)

10025 Video Player, ZGE Visualizer: reduced CPU usage during video playback

10074 Video Player, ZGE Visualizer: improved playback sync

9374 Wrapper: added a troubleshooting option to increase the framerate for plugin editor windows

5354, 7017 Wrapper: some track information can now be shown in VST3 plugins and changed by them

9688 ZGE Visualizer: dragging and dropping images creates an image layer

9872 ZGE Visualizer: option to “Save still image” to a custom size

10118 ZGE Visualizer: Preload video clips to memory for improved performance and synchronization



9892 ZGE Visualizer: use Nvidia accelerated codec for MP4 video




10239 Audio clip rerouting on audio tracks doesn’t always work

10130 Automatic application restart doesn’t work properly on macOS

10178 Can’t set advanced looping after creating a channel

9992 Channels that can’t be routed to the mixer show “Master” in the channel window caption

10244 Checkmarks in the test window are not scaled properly

9909 Crash report: Automation clip cut into two without two automation clips (disconnected line)

7747 Crash trying to drag and drop from browser

10042 Crash when dropping files from a file open/save dialog onto a detached window

9904 Crash while getting the ASIO device sample rate

9161 Cut itself increases volume

10099 DC offset or invalid data generated by plugins

9267 Dragging audio from a speech channel drags the .speech file instead

10105 EQ Width knobs on the mixer window don’t show the correct hint value

10117 Envelopes folder in browser doesn’t show user data

10131 “Export all playlist track groups” doesn’t work if there are no clips in the parent track

9870 Hint shown for a selected chord doesn’t show # but 0 instead

10315 Hints for channels in “Current project” show “%d” instead of the parameter count

10144 Information button on the data size warning message doesn’t work

10202 Loading a project with multiple arrangements creates auto-saves for every arrangement

10201 “Lock to this size” on Playlist track headers is unlocked by clicking the header

10049 Low framerate for the user interface after upgrading to Windows 10 build 2004

9726 Making batch changes to patterns results in too much processing

10158 Messages with a list view don’t respond to double-click in the list

9997 Mixer window is wider than its maximum width when maximized

10068 New destination path is not shown in a message while changing the user data location

10296 Non-quantized envelope points can prevent merging of automation clips

9914 Not all mute buttons for a channel are updated correctly when one is toggled

10231 Note count in the project info tab doesn’t work

9998 Opening the help for a plugin shows the program folder instead when offline help is selected

10176 Project crashes on startup

9377 Rendering gets stuck in an infinite loop with certain marker types

10003 Resizing an audio clip from the left side stretches when that’s off

10022 Resizing an audio clip for more than one bar changes time to 100

10311 The default formula in the controller link window is translated

10145 The More plugins window takes too long to show when there are a lot of plugins

10337 Track latencies are not updated when the send level changes

10019 Track number outline box is not present in the alternative mixer highlighting mode

10017 Visual artefacts resizing a collapsed panel in the channel settings window

9787 Unlock window doesn’t immediately close the program if you unlock on first start

9944 Unlock window doesn’t show help when F1 is pressed

10094 “Use Current time signature from” > “Playlist to Pattern” creates markers in wrong position

9981 Various bugs sorting text items in lists

9830 Various issues automatically coloring and naming items in track mode

9957, 9847, 1789 Various resource and memory leaks

10251 Control Surface: dragging to duplicate a control uses the wrong size

9916 Delay 3: sporadic noise immediately after instantiation

10260 DirectWave: popup menu items have incorrect “garbage” text when translated

10092 FLEX: pack browser doesn’t resize to full height when the preview image panel is hidden

10303 FL Studio ASIO: error message when there are no inputs

10132 FL Studio VSTi: latency changes aren’t reported to the host program

9985 Harmor: an additional arrow is displayed on some buttons

10086 Maximus: no phase cancel in LIN mode when 12db slope is on

10081 Maximus: latency in LIN mode doesn’t take LMH delay and attack into account

10113 Maximus: crash when loading the project Demo songs > ANNA MIA

10165 MIDI Out: crash when configuring CC knobs

10186 Notebook 2: crash when automating the page

9983 Parametric EQ 2, Maximus: buffers are not flushed when LIN mode is resumed

9984 Parametric EQ 2: right click on HQ button (to open menu) highlights button

10069 Parametric EQ 2: linear phase mode is not updated when automated

10084 Patcher: voices from VFX plugins are not released when sent to VST plugins

6865 Patcher: connection to the FL Studio output node breaks when loading a project or preset

10110 Patcher: plugins are notified about the start of a new tick at the wrong time

10197 Peak Controller: overflow of output values when input values are high

10076 Plugin Manager: verifies all plugins even when “rescan” is not checked

10123 Plugin Manager: plugin type combo is not disabled when the plugin is already verified

10313 Some plugin parameters have incorrect (“garbage”) value displays

10312 Some plugins don’t report correct parameter names when translated

9744 Transistor Bass: cannot change patch in program C0

9743 Transistor Bass: channel pitch doesn’t work

9745 Transistor Bass: tweaking Mod X/Y has no effect

10128 Transistor Bass: sporadic “pop” sound on startup

9975 Vocodex: freezes when changing presets

10157 Wrapper: freeze when a VST/VST3 plugin window is opened in Patcher at 150% scaling

9943 ZGE Visualizer: Audio Plane effect crashes when “Spectrogram band count” is less than 128

9987 ZGE Visualizer: click on the layer caption disables layer instead of just selecting it

10000 ZGE Visualizer: colors are lost when using Youlean Gradient Maker

9937 ZGE Visualizer: using Zoom or Rotate controls may cause the text in the wizard to disappear

10100 ZGE Visualizer: Access violations on Intel GPUs

10188 ZGE Visualizer: automating the enabled status of a layer doesn’t show the layer as disabled

10135 ZGE Visualizer: export sometimes starts with a black or half-rendered frame

10185 ZGE Visualizer: post-processing error with the latest Nvidia drivers on a GeForce RTX

10229 ZGE Visualizer: crash when an external video file isn’t found

9408 Scripting: changing values of X and Y modulation are not reflected in the hint panel

10307 Scripting: Freeze when more than one sysex message is received in a very short amount of time

10326 Scripting: “Linked device not assigned” error when rendering a project



10258 Red screens when using multiple monitors in macOS 11 “Big Sur”

10096 DirectWave: editor window can be resized to incorrect size

10087 DirectWave: the piano roll is missing

9995 FLEX: favorites do not save correctly when switching projects without closing the program first

10200 ZGE Visualizer: import video cue points does not line break correctly