FL Studio 20.9.1


Version 20.9.1 (February 21, 2022)



12740 Incorrect values recorded when automating plugin parameters from a MIDI controller

12509 M-Audio audio devices sometimes stop working

12728 Short delay when opening the settings window of an automation clip channel

12732 Harmor: Harmonic protection sounds different than in earlier versions



Version 20.9.1 RC2  (February 10, 2022)



12712 Advanced fill tool doesn’t show the correct help page

12376 Clicks when stopping sample preview in the browser

12673 Dropping mixer state presets on effect slots does nothing

12710 Envelope points can go out of bounds when more than one is selected

12705 “Export all playlist tracks” creates only one file

12689 Keyboard shortcuts don’t work in the automation clip channel window

12636 Looping mode is reset when a channel is deleted

12666 Merging pattern clips that contain length markers doesn’t work properly

12709 MIDI devices are not always detected correctly when first connected

12694 Pickup of MIDI automation doesn’t work after using the same control on a different MIDI channel

12515 Restarting the program resets the background color to the default

12391 Slow visual updates if an automation clip channel window is open during playback

12678 Starting the program takes longer than it used to

12687 The program asks to unlock again from time to time

12650 Undoing deletion of a channel doesn’t restore the advanced looping settings

11751 Export to a zip file is extremely slow when there are big sample files in the project

12639 Edison: “Flip levels vertically” is broken in the Harmonic envelope

12701 FLEX: error message when selecting multiple filter types using “Random”

12698 FLEX: the “Dump score to Piano roll” button is not orange when available

12677 FLEX: artifacts in audio with specific delay settings in some packs

12685 Gross Beat: copying and pasting points results in an incorrect envelope

11270 Patcher: pitch bend is applied incorrectly for VST, VST3 and AU plugins

8376 Patcher: pitch bend is applied twice for FLEX

12665 Soundfont Player: crash when maximum polyphony is set to 1

12664 Transient Processor: bug on first transient it receives after you load a project

12676 Transient Processor: parameters are smoothed when opening a saved preset

12095 ZGE Visualizer: freeze when using a video controller with multiple outputs

12686 Scripting: Plugins.getPadInfo returns the wrong value for note #2

12696 Scripting: MIDI clock is not sent on playback when sync is enabled from “OnFirstConnect”



20.9 RC1 (January 28, 2022)



12649 Scripting: getChannelType returns different values for audio and automation clip channels

12642 Scripting: allow simultaneous highlight rectangles via crDisplayRect

12605 Scripting: detection by hardware ID is now case insensitive



12428 Can’t stop recording into the playlist if there’s a precount and recording options were shown

12625 Crash when opening a project in an old version and loading is cancelled

12622 Crash when pressing keys with a plugin window open

12621 Crash when recording automation for the Formant control when Stretch Pro is selected

12638 Dropping an audio clip preset file on the channel rack doesn’t add it to the Audio filter group

12608 Freeze when moving an audio track in the mixer after cloning the track in the playlist

12614 Grey indicator in the playlist timeline when “Quantize song jumps” is off

10383 Incorrect root note when a channel sample is saved with a changed pitch offset

12660 News panel doesn’t show images for the news items

12610 Program doesn’t start

12604 “Render finished” sound plays after consolidation of playlist tracks

12617 The option to show level meters on instrument tracks can’t be turned off

12624 Title of a project is shown in the hint area if loading is cancelled

12618 When adding an instrument track, the newly added pattern clip is not selected

12654 Edison: some controls have incorrect values when the plugin is opened from “More…”

12613 FPC: can’t rename pads

12631 Patcher: crash when loading some plugins (e.g. PoiZone and Sakura)

12656 Soundfont Player: notes starting at 0 velocity don’t adjust when sliding the velocity up

12655 Soundfont Player: overlapping notes are cut off

12640 Scripting: crDisplayRect is incorrect when the channel rack is narrow



12606 Can’t type anything in text fields

12607 DX10: crash when the plugin is opened

12619 Sytrus: pitch changes when the oversampling setting is changed (Apple Silicon)



20.9.1 beta (January 20, 2022)



12449 Added “Quantize song jumps” option to the playlist

12565 Added “View” > “Always show external input levels” option to the mixer

12541 Changed the text on the “Show unlock window” button in the about window

12483 “Make unique as sample” doesn’t prompt for a filename when the Shift key is held

12539 Playlist can optionally show audio meters for instrument tracks

12487 The undo history in the browser no longer opens automatically while undoing

12417 Diagnostic: removed 32 bit rendering tests

12506 FLEX: show a message in the “Free” and “Store” tabs if there’s no internet connection

12567 FPC: added context aware type-in value support

12553 Frequency Splitter: added context aware type-in value support

11879 Plugin Manager: changed text of “Find installed plugins” button

12514 Scripting: added a function to distinguish between channel types

12512 Scripting: added a function to query the state of master sync

12568 Scripting: added a function to retrieve pad-specific plugin info (FPC only for now)

11931 Scripting: added functions to toggle “Bypass all effects” and “Inverse polarity” in the mixer

12545 Scripting: notify scripts when the sequencer steps are affected through undo

12499 Scripting: crDisplayRect can now show rectangles for parts of the channel rack




12485 “Auto color group” in the mixer doesn’t create an undo entry

12600 Can’t open a plugin after its name is changed in Plugin Manager

12462 Can’t stretch note and clips with the right-side Shift key

12425 Can’t use the “s” key to play notes on the computer keyboard when the the mixer is focused

12504 Color of mixer track is not updated when the linked track in the playlist is reset

12526 Crash during undo of dropping a sample in the playlist

12581 Crash when a message is shown while the program is starting

12415 Dragging a waveform from the Sytrus Osc tab to the channel rack is broken

12444 F2 to rename an automation channel doesn’t work when its editor window is open

12470 “Fast sample preview” option is too slow

12427 “Flip vertically” doesn’t apply to envelope selection

12431 Freeze while undoing slicing and merging of automation clips

12413 Incorrect channel filter group for audio clip and automation channels when loading a project

12523 Instrument tracks get out of order when the mixer selector is moved quickly

12498 It’s not possible to go back to 1 point after adding points to LFO envelopes

12433 Merging automation clips doesn’t undo correctly

12563 MIDI pickup doesn’t always work when the control is at the lowest position

12559 Moving a selection of tracks in the playlist up or down can cycle the selected track positions

12422 New channels show steps when they’re supposed to show the mini pianoroll view

12434 News items can contain incorrect text in some cases

12435 Only one featured news item should display the full description

12397 Pitch automation clip shows type-in value in dB for the Max knob

12423 Plugin preset files show up in the recycle bin

12478 “Receives notes from” doesn’t filter notes from MIDI channels

12589 Recorded audio clips aren’t assigned to the correct mixer track

12429 Recorded audio clips are placed on new tracks when there’s room on existing tracks

12536 Redoing after dropping a sample in the playlist doesn’t put the clip back

12481 Renaming a playlist track that’s not selected will rename selected tracks instead

12143 Setting a playlist track as an audio track automatically replaces name, color and icon

12593 Script options button in MIDI settings is shown for an IL Remote device

12480 Scrolling in the playlist is slow when there are a lot of audio tracks

12497 Some envelopes can’t have only 1 point while they should be able to

12534 Target link names for automation clips are not updated when the channel name changes

12547 The keyboard shortcut to clone playlist tracks conflicts with selecting the paintbrush

12500 The reset option in the undo history section of the browser is missing

12412 Undo changes the linked parameter on the automation channel editor after adding a channel

12486 Undo of “Auto name” of playlist tracks doesn’t update linked tracks in the mixer

12549 Ungrouping playlist tracks by moving them up creates a new group

12457 Autogun/Ogun: loading the plugin or changing a preset takes longer than it used to

12522 Control Surface: the keyboard control has the wrong size after duplication

12414 DirectWave: extracting the root key from a file with hyphens in the name doesn’t work

12193 DirectWave: setting output and pitch bend range on the Multi Bank tab doesn’t work

12472 Fruity Granulizer: “Use regions” doesn’t work

12531 Fruity Slicer: crash when using the plugin

12530 Fruity Slicer: editor window is not visible when it replaces an existing Fruit Kick channel

12421 Fruity Slicer: there are two “unsupported” per-voice parameters

12424 Gross Beat: “Smooth up” messes up the envelope

12564 MIDI Out: resetting controls is not possible

12396 Newtone and Newtime: crash when the plugin is opened if the Visual C++ runtime is not installed

12501 Ogun: incorrect hint values for the Unison parameters

12577 Patcher: graphical problems when opening the plugin from an empty preset

12447 Sytrus: tweaking the modulation matrix doesn’t add undo entries

12561 Transient Processor: window doesn’t show correct content at 150% scaling

12576 Wave Candy: changing a color doesn’t use the new color window

12544 ZGE Visualizer: export to TikTok video is broken

12517 Scripting: ports for scripts are not always correctly set up on first connect

12595 Scripting: news updates too often when channel parameters are updated by a script

12552 Scripting: scripts are not always closed correctly when FL Studio closes

12542 Scripting: scrolling through ui.crDisplayRect doesn’t always work correctly

11920 Scripting: ui.getFocusedPluginName returns empty string for non-plugin channels



12528 Green line doesn’t disappear after dragging something to the channel rack

12437 Magic Mouse swiping gestures don’t move mixer tracks

12538 Pressing F1 to open the help page doesn’t work when a plugin is focused

12533 The tempo tapper window is hidden behind the FL Studio window when clicking anywhere

12529 Wrong channel is deleted when there are 3rd party plugins

11651 Wave Candy: graphical glitch



12511 “No disk in drive” error on startup

12532 Plugin Manager: the program is blurry when Windows is scaled to anything other than 100%