FL Studio 20.9 beta 5

20.9 beta 5 (October 14, 2021)


11607 Added undo of grouping mixer tracks
11600 Adding, removing and editing target links is undoable and removing them shows a warning
11482 “Assign to new audio track” in the mixer now works for all selected tracks
11289 Various undo improvements related to audio recording changes
11340 Added an option for each mixer track to select at what point audio is recorded
11634 Added an option for each mixer track to select when external audio input is monitored
11897 New 64 bit and macOS compatible Soundfont Player plugin (replaces Fruity Soundfont Player)
11787 Added multiple selection of points in envelope editors
11876 Added undo for envelope changes and some other non automatable actions in plugins
6100 Added undo when replacing audio files in channels
11681 Added undo for some mixer track settings (input select, monitoring, latency)

11904 Control Surface: improved grid snapping
11816 Frequency Shifter: made the editor look a bit nicer
11653 Fruity Squeeze: added context aware type-in value support
11555 Newtime: added Shift markers
11930 Newtime: the Groove and Shift controls now use the same color of their corresponding markers
8991 Patcher: hold Alt when dropping a plugin preset to create an unconnected module
11480 Patcher: use lasso zoom to focus an area
11489 Patcher: added mini map to help with navigation
11707 Patcher: added zoom options to the map root menu
11734 Wrapper: allow saving .vstpreset files for VST3 plugins
11948 Potential crash closing plugins that have envelope editors

11577 Scripting: added track selection functions in the playlist module
11732 Scripting: added a function to show which tracks in the mixer are active
11736 Scripting: added a function to query “docked” status of a mixer track
11737 Scripting: added a function to retrieve note names published by plugins
11739 Scripting: added a function to scroll the mixer window by specifying the first visible channel
11798 Scripting: added a function to get the id of the focused window
11811 Scripting: added 6 (VER_ArchAndBuild) as a valid parameter value to getVersion function
11862 Scripting: added function to Perform Quick Quantize Start Times function
11861 Scripting: added a way to display a red box around channels selected for editing
11860 Scripting: get channel/Track volume in dB
11919 Scripting: added option for ui.ScrollWindow to scroll horizontally where possible
11907 Scripting: added a function to query the number of presets in a plugin
11906 Scripting: added a hardware refresh flag when the channel rack filter changes
11828 Scripting: added a function to dump the score log and to clean the log
11786 Scripting: added optional pot pickup functionality for direct script access
11908 Scripting: added an extra parameter to miDisplayRect to indicate what tracks the rect applies to


11673 Access Violation when undoing “use existing channel as instrument track”
11585 Adding a new channel crashes when channel looping is active (in the 20.9 beta)
11293 Adding notes to a pattern clip doesn’t increase its length if it’s linked to an instrument track
11775 “Assign to new audio track” uses the same mixer track for multiple selected playlist tracks
11655 Can’t change color or icon using “set name/color icon” on mixer tracks
11613 Crash when an automation clip window is detached or attached during playback
11567 Crash when renaming playlist tracks
11928 Crash when deleting an audio track
11924 Crash when FL Studio is closed after automating some channel settings params
11918 Crash when trying to buy a trial plugin in some cases
11785 Envelope editor: 1/3 beat and 1/6 beat shows an incorrect grid
11725 Extra search paths allow empty paths
11664 Freeze when multitrack recording with audio tracks
11714 Graphical glitch for the event name label when scrolling the piano roll left and right
11070 Mixer faders don’t maintain relative dB values when tweaked together
11761 Multi-link > Humanize doesn’t do anything
11662 Multiple recorded clips are added to the same PL track
11424 Only the selected track is solo’d when using Ctrl + Alt + click on a grouped playlist track
11915 Piano roll moves to the foreground when making a clip unique
11769 Picker panel: “select in playlist” option acts strangely for unused audio and automation clips
11838 Playing notes from the computer keyboard doesn’t work while tweaking a knob on a plugin
11799 Recording audio freezes after 101 minutes
11604 Redo of replacing a channel’s sample doesn’t work
11596 Selecting an instrument track in the playlist doesn’t select the linked mixer track
11768 “Select in playlist” doesn’t affect the mini playlist preview
11805 Settings of the automation editor in channel settings aren’t saved when switching projects
11917 The help page shown for the layer channel is incorrect
11819 The help for channel settings shows two pages, one of which is “forbidden”
11692 The release knob of the piano roll Chopper tool doesn’t affect the notes
11700 Title of the “type in value” window for master volume is wrong
11822 “Type in value” in Env Editor shows incorrect default value
11590 Using the ‘Play Selected’ icon in the playlist during recording creates new recordings
11898 “Wrong notes” warning when loading a project that was saved after deleting a channel

11903 Control Surface: initial value of a slider’s steps does not match what’s shown
11887 Control Surface: caption of renamed duplicated control does not update
11638 Convolver: gap at the bottom of the window when the plugin is detached and maximized
11745 Delay 3: incorrect number of bits shown in the bitcrusher module when hovering over the knob
11616 Edison: scripting doesn’t work (in the 20.9 beta)
11661 Harmor: can’t read some SCL files correctly
11628 Love Philter: the value in the hint bar isn’t updated when tweaking controls
11877 MIDI Out: description and number reset when changing the parameter type
11660 Parametric EQ 2: red line on the right side of the graph when there are lots of high frequencies
11571 Patcher: crash when using Alt + middle-click to zoom
11657 Patcher: right-click on the “From FL Studio” output places the new module out of bounds
11570 Patcher: Ctrl and Alt modifiers to scroll don’t work the same as in the playlist
11900 Patcher: plugin editors don’t respond to keyboard shortcuts
11871 Patcher: crash if a control is tweaked
11709 Patcher: Alt + middle czoom keeps zooming in or out after you stop moving the mouse
11524 Patcher: option to prevent plugins stealing keyboard focus doesn’t work in Patcher
6693 Sytrus: saving shapes doesn’t default to the user data path location for shapes
11710 Sytrus: the matrix doesn’t reset on Alt + click
11612 Wave Candy” hovering the mouse over knobs doesn’t show the value on the hint panel
11766 ZGE Visualizer: problem with exporting video that contains variable frame rate

11712 Scripting: refreshing MIDI devices causes the script output window’s tabs to shift to the right
11883 Scripting: auto detection of scripts via HardwareID doesn’t work when the Firmware id is different
11923 Scripting: plugins.getName with FPN_Preset results are inconsistent


1802 FL Studio crashes at launch inside a virtual machine

11623 Harmor: pinch-zoom in IMG view is acting erratically
11916 Parametric EQ 2: crackles in linear mode on Apple Silicon

11686 Scripting: freeze when clicking “reload script” button
11869 Scripting: the active mixer track rectangle is not fully painted when covered by another window