FL Studio 20.9 beta 8

20.9 beta 8 (November 26, 2021)


10228 Added an option to clone the selected playlist tracks (in the track popup menu)
12195 Disarm a mixer track when its associated playlist track is changed to a different type

12191 MIDI scripting: added a function to toggle device master sync


12154 Bar count in the envelope editor for an automation clip is wrong when zoomed out
12162 Bar numbers in envelopes disappear when the playback cursor passes over them
12174 Crash when undoing the deletion of a playlist track
12167 Crash when undoing “delete channels” after recording
12159 Glitches in the LFO view for an automation clip if the min and max values change while playing
12014 Merge Automation Clip skips small clips and has inconsistent outcomes
12187 No languages are listed in General options
12161 Rail color for sliders on mixer tracks is not updated when (dis)armed from the playlist track
12144 The popup menu for an envelope point doesn’t show the point’s curve type
12163 Song loops after one bar instead of when an automation clip ends
12116 The last folder used to save, open or render a project isn’t remembered
12146 Undoing dropping a sample from the browser to the playlist is incorrect
12166 Vertical scrolling in the playlist slows down the program a lot

12151 FLEX: panning bug
12157 Newtime: high cpu usage when synced to host
12158 Newtone: no playback when host sync is on


12153 Diagnostic: information about registered products is incorrect
12044 Edison: part of the sample is deleted when using the denoiser

20.9 beta 7 (November 19, 2021)


12090 Show bar numbers in envelope editors
7865 The program license can now be updated without entering the email address and password
12084 Added a “Log out…” button on the unlock window to remove all licenses from the computer
12036 New plugin: Vintage Chorus
11894 New plugin: Pitch Shifter
11527 Audio tracks in the playlist now have recording controls for the linked mixer track
10856 Added an option to show note names as either “flat” or “sharp”
10603 Improved conversion of event automation to automation clips
12137 Added support for two-factor authentication in the unlock window
12131 Changed the text on the buttons in the unlock confirmation window
12129 Added the option “Small text in plugin lists” in the mixer’s View menu

12010 FLEX: updated to version 1.3 with various improvements
12122 FLEX: added an option to dump a score from the preset to the piano roll
12089 FPC: “Use current layout when changing presets” is now on by default

12101 Scripting: improved detection of linked inputs and outputs through the hardware ID string
12086 Scripting: added pickup feature to plugin.SetParamValue


12119 Crash when opening a project while the automation editor is open
12007 Enabling slide points in envelopes with a fixed range moves the end point out of range
12093 Formant shift slider’s value isn’t set correctly when reopening the channel settings window
12111 Loading more than one audio file in a sampler channel can freeze the program
11821 “Lock to content” doesn’t rename and color the playlist track
12020 Moving points around in plugin envelope editors causes high cpu usage and lag
12110 Two undo entries are created when a sample is dropped on a channel
5838 Presets for “Typing keyboard to piano keyboard” aren’t recognized when they’re in sub folders

12112 FLEX: audio glitches when Amp Env Decay in Master Controls is changed
12104 FLEX: previously saved settings are not loaded correctly
11888 FLEX: overlapping notes sometimes play without ending
12114 Soundfont Player: crash when opening some soundfont files
12106 Soundfont Player: the name label is cut off

12082 Scripting: pickup is broken for mixer track controls when there is latency


12118 Crash when the option “GUI input”> “Optimize for” in General settings is changed
12066 Crash when the options “Detached all plugins” and “Auto select linked modules” are both on
12098 Rendering audio is slow on Apple Silicon

20.9 beta 6 (November 04, 2021)


11808 The Apple Silicon version of FL Studio can now open Intel VST and AU plugins
11721 “Keep on disk” for long samples now works in macOS
10346 Added “Stretch Pro” elastique option with a formant control to the channel settings window
6124 Added root note selection for “Typing keyboard to piano keyboard”
12060 You can now select from a wider octave range for “Typing keyboard to piano keyboard”
11946 Added a new sequential playback mode to layer channels
12005 Default value for “monitor external input” is now “when armed”
7865 Download license updates without email and password (after an initial unlock)

131 Slicer: “Fill gaps” and “Alternate fill gaps” now work in 64bit Windows and on macOS
11987 Patcher: removed the middle-Click shortcut to open the plugin picker

12073 Scripting: added the OnProjectLoad event
12038 Scripting: added “Scroll to view” flag for ui.crDisplayRect
12076 Scripting: added “Scroll to view” flag for miDisplayRectangle
11982 Scripting: added the OnFirstConnect event
11977 Scripting: added a way to show and hide miDisplayRect/crDisplayRect without a time-out
11932 Scripting: added the OnDirtyChannel event


11978 Adding a new instrument track doesn’t focus the plugin’s editor form
11964 Can’t press enter to close the color picker window
11969 Crash copying wave data in memory
11967 Crash at startup
11322 Crash at startup if the current project node is open
12067 Crash extracting a zip file
11386 Crash storing a MIDI controller link
12075 Crash when changing the song position during recording precount
12057 Changing the color of Playlist tracks with the middle mouse button also changes their icon
12018 Channel rack hint for piano roll preview is shown in the wrong location
11979 Envelope points are in the wrong location after using “Paste replace” with multiple selection
12013 Envelopes mistakenly don’t allow a single point
11938 Export with ‘Split mixer tracks’ does not work if ‘Dithering’ is enabled
12040 Typing keyboard layouts with note names in SCR files wont work when solfege is selected
11901 “Turn events into automation clips” doesn’t undo correctly
12056 Undoing in the Piano Roll doesn’t update loop markers
11933 Wrong pitch when stretching samples that have different samplerates

11985 Control Surface: sometimes controls move while being resized
11993 Edison: clicking on effects while recording doesn’t disable the record button
12028 MIDI Out: minimum value changes while editing maximum value
12026 MIDI Out: control settings menu forgets note range values when set to note
12019 Patcher: closing a plugin window with escape closes multiple windows
11997 Patcher: default size for mini map is wrong when the GUI is scaled
11986 Patcher: image tearing in scrollbar background when scrolling
11981 Patcher: mouse cursor is lost when dragging from the mini map with the right mouse button
12041 Plugins don’t show icons in hints for automatable controls
12034 Soundfont Player: velocity and pan slides don’t work
11974 Soundfont Player: channel name doesn’t update correctly when opening a new file
11973 Soundfont Player: crash when dropping a soundfont on the plugin
11980 Wrapper: saving a .vstpreset file creates an empty file
11972 Wrapper: crash when clicking on a CC parameter for a VST or VST3 plugin

12074 Scripting: detecting links between input and output devices doesn’t always work
12058 Scripting: enabling or disabling a MIDI device stops other devices from working
12054 Scripting: for direct script access to pot pickup doesn’t work in SetChannelVolume
12055 Scripting: getParamValueString returns ‘smoothed’ value for FLEX
11991 Scripting: Next/Previous preset functions don’t work on closed plugins
12006 Scripting: transport.Start and transport.Stop do not work as advertised
12031 Scripting: ui.crDisplayRect is inaccurate when piano roll overview is ON


12030 Freeze when loading a project
12024 Freeze when loading a project with plugins in Rosetta 2 mode (Apple Silicon)

12035 DirectWave: multi-bank and library views don’t show anything
12004 Newtime: can’t create groove markers
11965 Soundfont Player: captions don’t show in macOS