FL Studio 3.0



FL Studio 3 launch video:



New layout.

Piano roll.

Event track now per pattern.

New FX tracks (now 16 inserts + 2 sends)

Centered views for some controllers in event editor.

Optimized song positioning.

Typing keyboard to MIDI option.

Added metronome.

Updated to new DrumSynth renderer.

Added custom controls for DrumSynth presets.

Channel mute switch & FX track # are now automated.

MIDI controllers can now control several channels at once.

Fixed syncing problem.

New MIDI output plugin & much better MIDI support.

New plugin system (effects & generators).

New plugins: 3x Osc, BeepMap (image synth), Fruity PanOMatic,

Fruity NoteBook, MIDI out, etc.

Slight optimization in TS404.

Added MIDI kb to mute/solo mapping.

Peak meter now shows clipping.

Knobs should work better under Win2k.

Added new filter types.

New, better pattern randomizer.

Fixed ugliness with system fonts set to large.

Added ‘smart disable’ feature in effects.

Added antialiasing to TS404 (rendering only).

Much more…