FL Studio 3.1.0

(boxed version)

Project (automation) browser.

Now supporting DXi plugins!

Piano roll data can now be copied from the step sequencer.

Added ‘Init with current position’ in event editor.

Added right click on snap selector for stock note lengths.

Fixed Jedi mode 🙂 disappearing mouse cursor problem.

Wrapped VST plugins now save their state into chunks (useful for the BS-1).

Bugfix in Fruity Mute 2.

Harmless bug when closing 2 event editors at once fixed.

Removed background wallpaper centering.

Favorites now available to channels as well.       

MIDI input now handles start / stop / continue messages.

Added (dirty) workaround for taskbar covering problem.

Cyrix problem finally fixed!

Minor bugfixes.

Added project uploading feature.

New user-made MIDI out presets.

Turned auto snap into auto smoothing in event editor.