FL Studio 3.3.0

Added ASIO output.

Added Fruity Slicer, Fruity Granulizer, Fruity Big Clock, Fruity dB meter

Added Buzz machines wrapper (generator & effect) plugins.

Multiple MIDI devices can now be controlled at once.

Introducing internal controllers.

New Fruity stereo enhancer plugin.

New Fruity delay 2 plugin.

Added 2 FX send tracks & up to 8 plugins per track.

Better plugin lister, now verifies & sorts plugins.

New, rather accurate, global (multichannel) MIDI file import.

Added portamento to all channels.

Added velocity & kb tracking to all channels.

Fruity wrapper can now read *.FXB files.

Added portamento’s in step sequencer & per-channel gating.

Added levels adjustment per channel, for easier automation & preamp.

Added pitch per note in the piano roll.       

Effect plugins can now be named.

Changed knobs popup menu (added ‘Copy value’ & ‘Paste value’)

Got rid of the ‘filenames with spaces’ problem.

Improved sample view in channel settings.

Bugfix in plugins custom shapes.

Fixed minor bug in FX sends.

Remote control mapping now updated when modules change.

Remote control mapping now saved in FLP’s.

Bugfix in channel FX track # automation.

Bugfix in channel settings repaint (very rare & harmless bug).

Fixed thing in levels ramping (rendering with ‘tiny slices’ is now perfect).

Added a wallpaper (Title.jpg).

Minor bugfix in mixer.

Removed Export->Click marked samples option (hello alt+s freaks).

Fixed rare bug in mixer.

Fruity plugins own data can now be collected & included in zipped loops.

Small bugfix in plugin preset selector.

Added a couple of new 3xOsc presets.

Fixed some disappearing cursor problems.

Fixed bug in sampler channels envelopes & MIDI remote control.

Note properties box now also works on selected notes in piano roll.

Added features to the 3xOsc.

Added automatable gate time in channels (FUNC tab, mainly for the SS).

Little bugfix in volume envelope attack.

In pattern mode, the whole pattern is now rendered, not just the first bar.

Remote control mapping now listed in the project browser.

New, better set of fonts.

New bugfixed Fruity Scratcher, WASP, SimSynth & Fruity phaser plugins.

Fruity Spectroman can now display in stereo.