FL Studio 4.0

Name change FruityLoops to FL Studio.

Brand new playlist.

FX window becomes a mixer.

Audio clips can now be added to the playlist.

Fruity Slicer now auto-slices without the need for a registered BeatSlicer. Same for the ‘File->Import->

Beat to slice’ feature.

Added audio input (ASIO only) to the mixer.

Added direct-to-disk recording & offline rendering of mixer tracks.

FL Studio now available as a DXi plugin (FL Studio DXi, FL Studio VSTi, 1 & 16 out versions).

New Wave Traveller generator plugin.

New BooBass generator plugin.

Revamped randomizer, now also available in piano roll.

New integrated wave editor for channel samples.

Fixed minor TS404 preset problem.

New cutting tool to piano roll & playlist.

Small bugfix in SimSynth Live.

Mixer now has 64 insert tracks.

Mixer tracks can route to other mixer tracks, allowing groups & sub-groups.

Effects now have automated mute & mix level.

Can now save mixer track presets.

Patterns can now have different lengths.

Can now set pattern color.

New black note display mode in piano roll.

New brush mode in playlist and piano roll.

New time scaling in piano roll (hold shift & resize notes).

Various improvements in piano roll.

Right-clicking the mini piano roll jumps to the clicked position.

New time markers in playlist (numpad . to jump to the next one).

Time markers are saved in rendered waves as cue points.

Reworked & added some new artwork.

Fixed small bug in envelope display.

Fixed small bug in event editor line tool.

Fixed MIDI sync output device not remembered.

MIDI sync device is now shared with MIDI output devices.

Can now record in song mode into a pattern that hasn’t been triggered (pattern is then added to the playlist).

Can open the project browser from the playlist.

Added some 3DNow! optimization (Fruity Parametric EQ & various internal things now 2x faster on AMD’s).

Added graph in remote control mapping window.

Fixed precomputed effects at other sample rates.

Fixed FX send automation bug.

Added phase randomness option to 3xOsc plugin.

Added autoscrolling in playlist.

Added some usability improvements.

Omni mode also works for mixer in remote control window.

Changed the way some plugins work with timers.

Can now set the track in which preview & metronome are mixed.

Fixed bug with GDI in browser.

Fixed window visibility bug.

Added live mode to playlist.

Fixed invalid automation problem after loading presets over a TS404 channel.

Fixed rare bug with event editor’s line tool.

Slightly updated look of the Fruity Slicer.

Old precomputed effects are now hidden by default.

Rendered wave files now have loop points, useful when rendering using the leave remainder option.

‘Save modified sample as…’ now saves loop points.

Audio clips can be chopped up into regions (cue points stored in wave files or slices stored in ZGR’s).

Pattern cloning now clones automation.

Fixed GDI leak in Fruity NoteBook.

Updated LAME mp3 encoder to version 3.93.1.

Various bugfixes in FL VSTi.

Support for multiout VSTi plugins (generators only).

New wave editor.

Small improvement in BeepMap plugin.

Step sequencer editing is now undoable.

Fixed rare note-dragging crash in piano roll.

Fixed glitch in sampler channels.