FL Studio 4.1.2

Added automation smoothing feature.

Added Fruity Keyboard Controller plugin.

New undo history in project browser.

Added ‘insert/delete space’ in playlist, piano roll & event editor.

Now showing plugins & their parameters in the project browser.

Added output visual to Fruity Formula Controller plugin.

Improved internal controller handling.

Improved pattern merging.

Fixed rare automation problem.

Fixed handling of special audio input format.

Event editor LFO tool can now be cancelled.

Bugfix in MIDI file import for controllers.

Small bugfix in Boobass plugin.

Sampler channels now load 24Bit integer wave files.

Fixed small bug in Fruity Slicer.

Fixed small weird bug in plugins.

Fixed sampler channel filters consistency accross sample rates.

(Projects not made at 44100Hz might sound a little different!)

Small fix in Fruity Parametric EQ at 22000Hz.

Small fix in filter for Fruity Delay 2.

Small visual fix in Fruity Slicer.

Bugfix in Fruity Phaser plugin.

DS script loading bug (on some systems) finally fixed.