FL Studio 4.5.1

New Sytrus generator!

New ‘auto’ mode in arpeggiator (finally works like a classic arp now).

New playback function in piano roll.

New strum tool in piano roll.

New Fruity Flangus effect plugin.

New ReWire (host & client) support.


Playlist / piano roll selection now updated when changing PPQ.

Added ASIO clock source selector (for compatibility with the Tascam US-122)

Added ASIO CPU check for more stabillity (prevents freezing GUI).

Removed the obsolete ‘tiny slices’ rendering setting & improved rendering.

Added beep metronome sound.

Bugfix in Fruity Slicer plugin.

Bugfix in channel grouping while loading songs.

Little bugfix in playlist.

Little bugfix in preset switching.