FL Studio 4.5.2

Upgraded plugin menus : easier way to browse/automate parameters.

Added 3 band equalizer and soft mode option in Sytrus.

Added (basic) import for Yamaha DX-7 presets

Added option to use mixer position as playback position,

Small bugfix in event editor zoom/select.

Small bugfix in effect preset selector.

Bugfix in Sytrus (was unstable).

Little glitch fix in Sytrus.

Changed scale for harmonics level editing in Sytrus.

Fixed problem with some ZIP files not created (really this time).

Small bugfix in automation recording.

Fixed arp/slide last bugs (I hope).

Fixed tiny visual glitch in browser.

Notes in step seq now restricted to the channel’s keyzone.

Added repeat mode to arpeggiator.

Sytrus presets are now compressed (was needed for the VSTi version).