FL Studio 5.0.1

Fixed ‘Add pitch to key’ for plugins.

(bugfixes!) Fixed crashing bug in Fruity Granulizer.

Fixed 2 minor bugs in Sytrus.

Fixed problem with MIDI input in FL VSTi versions.

Fixed little problem after dismissing the piano roll note properties box.

Fixed disabled automation clips processed when relocating the song.

Disabled looping for sample preview in browser

(too many bad loop points in samples out there).

Auto-scrolling doesn’t switch off anymore when editing and the song is not playing.

Fixed problems with dual monitors: FL can now be maximized on second

monitor and will remember the monitor it’s on when maximized.

Fixed little playlist shortcut problem.

Added option to detach playlist, piano roll and event editors from the working area

(can be maximized on a second monitor).

Changed the default wallpaper to a newbie one.

Newbie enhancement: MIDI settings window doesn’t show up anymore to

let the user select a MIDI input device.

Newbie enhancement: “Enable MIDI input/output” switches itself on when you