FL Studio 5.0

New automation clips in playlist.

New Fruity WaveShaper effect plugin.

New Fruity Pad Controller (FPC) plugin.

New Collab tool to chat & exchange projects

Can now load MP3’s into sampler channels and audio clips.

New powerful arpeggiator tool in piano roll.

New option to render audio files with slice markers (regions) built-in.

Fruity Slicer now gets slices from audio file cue points as well

Much improved Fruity Slicer, with stretching and REX loops support

New ‘make unique’ option for audio clips to sever parts.

New Elastique time-stretching and pitch-shifting in audio tracks

Tempo-synced preview of stretched samples.

Added author & genre to song properties, saved inside WAV files and MP3 tags.

Added tempo detector to audio tracks to align project tempo to song clips.

New drum flam tool in piano roll.

DrumSynth Live now supports 120 patches.

Enhanced Fruity Granulizer with transient-alignment and new skin.

Added note legato and articulation tool in piano roll.

Basic loop recording.

Added tempo tapping feature.


Added better automation smoothing to MIDI remote control

Setting for steps per beat now adjust tempo as well

Fruity Slicer note dumping is now done in piano roll selection (if any).

New slicing engine in Fruity Slicer and FL (audio clips).

Stacked notes in piano roll randomizer now work better.

Made brush default tool in event editor.

Little bugfix for monophonic mode in step sequencer.

Restyled Fruity HTML NoteBook plugin.

Background wallpaper can now be HTML pages.

Bugfix in Sytrus (making it a little faster).

Added copy/paste preset to Sytrus, to share presets between all plugin versions of it.

Added global envelope mode to Sytrus (version 1.2), for perfect gated presets.

Fixed crash when deleting MIDI out channels sometimes.

Song markers now properly stored in rendered waves even with tempo changes.

Fixed memory leak in Fruity Slicer plugin.

Updated drum list in the MIDI out plugin to the GM2 standard.

Made channel resampling option always enabled.

‘Keep on disk’ samples can now be modified (loaded from disk when needed).

Can now check ‘keep on disk’, ‘resample’ & other options even when not possible.

Newbie enhancement: snapping is off by default.

Can now drop samples onto the channel settings window.

Preview now only loads the few first seconds (for MP3’s to preview faster).

XY controller now supports multiple joysticks.

Right-clicking the recording disk to arm a mixer track won’t prompt for a filename.

Added option not to auto-unarm mixer tracks.

Selecting an ASIO input now arms the mixer track automatically.

Added option to trim audio clip parts outside playlist selection.

Auto-envelope cleaning in step edit mode in Sytrus & Fruity Waveshaper envelopes.

Remove transposing from quantization tool

Toolbars can now be locked.

Replace ‘Ignore velocity’ option by ‘Velocity link’, to control per-note filter using velocity.

Can now shift+click note events to unselect them.

Can now set one of the external audio editors to replace the default one.

Added support for Hercules DJ Console

Added sampler interpolation method selector for realtime playback (audio settings).

Removed obsolete 1..9 pattern selector.

FST and FSC file extensions are now associated with the app

Auto-scrolling switch now in the main part of the UI, and auto-disabled.

Song selection now shown in the transport slider as well.

Minor cosmetic changes and new wallpapers.

Shift disables ‘typing keyboard to piano’ feature

BkSp shortcut for quick snap switch.

Fixed problem with incoming MIDI note off messages too quickly after note on.

Minor fix in Fruity Vocoder.

Removed (abused) live loop, in favor of Collab.