FL Studio 6.0.4

Fixed non-working shortcut in playlist.

(bugfixes!) Fixed built-in sustain support.

Fixed crash while detecting sample tempo.

Fixed wrong reloading of sample loop type.

Fixed bug in audio clips volume envelopes.

Fixed patch selector in Dashboard.

Fixed score selection in FPC when an empty folder is selected.

Fixed bug in FPC and Fruity wrapper that caused drag and drop to stop working.

Fixed bug in Fruity Wrapper showing the selection menu when loading songs with

a Waveshell plugin.

Fixed dual screen bug showing all menus on the wrong screen when the primary

screen was on the right side of another screen.

Fixed bug with echo delay presets in channel settings.

Rare bug fixed in Sytrus delay line.

Fixed browser being able to be resized when docked.

Fixed mixer send knobs animated when the wrong track was selected.

Added option to disable smooth scrolling (in FL, not plugins).

Added warning when loading projects made with a more recent version of FL.

Made overload-safety feature in audio settings optional (for those who have

ASIO troubles).

Fixed bug in EQUO when processing was skipped.

Middle click to load projects from browser now prompts for saving.

Fixed looping and song position in FL DXi when used in Sonar 4.0.3 or later.

Fixed rendering bug in Fruity Squeeze.

Fixed bug that caused some DXi plugins to ignore note messages.

Fixed EQ slider hint.

Fixed Fruity Fast Dist bug when rendering.

Fixed bug when moving plugin racks while event editor was open for one of

their parameters.