FL Studio 8.0.0



FL Studio 8 launch video:



FL Studio 10 years anniversary!



New Slicex drumloop slicing generator plugin.
New SynthMaker modular environment.
FL finally supports MIDI SysEx input, and handles basic MMC functions.
Added error message at startup when MMX or SSE1 is not found.
Cleartype not forced on anymore for mixer labels for Win9X platforms.
Right-clicking splitters (browser, piano roll, playlist) for spare position.
Project browser: can show/hide plugin editors from the generators/effects folders.
Generator smart disable is now compatible with threaded rendering.
Added mouse wheel support to popup menus & combo selectors.
Added some extra mouse buttons support.
Added (manual) plugin editor thumbnails to project browser.
Sinc interpolator now faster (64point sinc now usable realtime).
New slope modes for LP/HP/LS/Peak/HS bands in Parametric EQ 2 plugin.
New ‘multilink’ option for quicker remote control assignment, creation of multiple automation clips, etc.
Added ‘Edit whole mapping’ to Remote control part of the project browser.
Optional stereo waveform display in playlist.
Re-implemented CME UF keyboard support (although MIDI feedback sometimes makes no sense).
Parameter smoothing now works for relative knobs or other incremental MIDI controls too.
Improved parameter smoothing.
Can now define absolute increment steps in MIDI remote control window.
Playlist->Edit->Shift left/right now works for audio clips too (including using control surface jogs).
Added full support for the Mackie Control Universal.
Improved support for some controllers.
Improved ‘undo knob tweaks’ to support tweaking several parameters at once without slowing down.
Love Philter: piano keys assigned to patterns.
Tweaking controls on VST(i)s now show a hint message in FL’s hint bar (when possible).
Wave Candy: fixed some bugs & added Vista window background blur.
Updated to LAME 3.97.
Improved latency compensation ‘Set from’ option.
Rendering with latency compensation.
Added slip editing in playlist clips, as well as little changes in resizing tools.
Improved accuracy of MIDI input recording under high GUI CPU load.
Can now move effect slots around using the mouse wheel.
FL (& some FL plugins) now support .ogg format.
Introducing ‘Selected’ mixer track, to which the selected mixer track is routed, and in which you place visual effects or a recording Edison.
Ctrl+E to quickly open an audio editor in a mixer track, or Shift+E to open an audio logger.
Added score logging feature, not to miss scored played while testing.
Piano roll: added ‘Select at random’ to select 10% random notes, for variations.
Playlist: clip source selection now in titlebar, and clips panel now on top by default.
One-click audio recording now prompts to record in Edison.
Improved RAM usage meter for some systems.
Can now resize multiple playlist clips at once.
Caps lock function changed to allow resizing of notes from left side in piano roll.
Added recording filter (right-click record button).
Newbie enhancement: snapping is on by default.
Newbie enhancement: browser snapshot now defaults to slot 1.
Newbie enhancement: window menu icons replaced by holly down arrows.
New spectral view in monitor panel.
DrumSynth: added call to SendPatchToEngine to Voice_Release, to temporarily fix a release problem when multiple voices are active
Automation now displayed in pattern clips, improved event editor display.
Channels in piano roll channel selector are now sorted by channel group.
New list of available patterns when right-clicking the pattern selector.
Patterns named ‘-pattern name’ now act as separators in lists.
Added OGG Vorbis rendering target.
Added randomize & humanize to multilink menu.
Default audio device changed to ASIO4ALL.
Newly-recorded patterns now added as pattern clips (when in song mode).
Fruity DX10: mod init and sustain calculations now also take samplerate into account
Changed piano roll keyboard modifiers a little (see help file) to add a new SHIFT+click to add note in resize mode.
Added ‘Send previous/next to selected channel’ option in browser. Works well with extra mouse buttons too.
Default peak meters scale bottom changed to -70dB, alternate scale down to -50dB.
Introducing FL-chan in wallpapers.
Newbie enhancement: ‘save as’ icon blinks once 5min after the last save, then each 30sec after 10min.
Changed generator multithreaded processing method a little.
Adapted wav file loader for more bad interpretations of a bad format.
Mapped incoming “all notes off” MIDI message to panic.
Removed obsolete ‘16.8’ version of the 32Bit wav rendering.



EQ, blur & reverb tools now remember their envelope editor settings.
unselects when live selection is too short (<150ms), and added live selection as published parameter.
new fancy waveform display mode, and option to export display to bitmap file.
added stereo waveform display.
new slave sync, pause button, transport active when not playing, support for control surfaces and keyboard input (to slice or for sampler preview).
can now link notes to markers/regions (for use in Fruity Slicer).
added “Undo mix (spectral)” and “Paste mix (spectral)” features.
added keyboard (to note or to slice) preview.
added ‘quick rename (all)’ option to rename all regions to drum names.
Edison & Sytrus now captionize themselves when starting a sample drag.
new Tools->Send to playlist as audio clip, to send the clip to the playlist at selection, linked to the same mixer track as Edison.
new drum(loop) stretching tool (& paste replace (drum)), with improved gaps filling.
CTRL+DRAG drums from one instance to another, to replace drums in a loop with drums from another loop.
slide option now works on markers/regions too.
hold right-shift to move markers more accurately (temporary zoom).
New phase editing feature in Edison’s EQ.
Added middle note & score detection
Improved smoothness when recording for several minutes
new ‘dual view’ mode showing both waveform & spectrum.
added tools->sequencing->send to selected channel, to quickly send audio to the selected channel without dragging (mainly for Fruity Slicer).
Changed spectral display’s windowing to Kaiser.
new support for region types, and grid aligned to first downbeat marker.
new tempo detector that gives better results for fixed-tempo songs.
added ‘Time format’ menu to display time regardless of the grid mode.



fixed scroller freeze issue
edit string dialog now pops up on correct screen
“send value” for patch control no longer generates an exception
messages are no longer added to a buffer to be sent during processing



invalidate synthpanel on resize, to avoid graphical glitch when resizing the editor with “Show window contents while dragging” off in Windows
mouse wheel now changes pad
some cosmetic changes
pan envelope is now bipolar
fixed some save dialog glitches.
fixed envelope handling.
added wave preview in open dialog.
small UI changes
better behaviour when samples are missing
changed direction for changing pads from mouse wheel
fixed midi loop loading, it now takes into accounts the steps per beat


Video Player:

do nothing in TVideoViewer.AcceptMediaSample to prevent creeping cpu usage
moved position updates from Process to Idle function, to save some cpu usage
detached video will now keep playing if the plugin editor window is hidden
added “Ignore tempo changes” option
fix to prevent rising cpu usage.
“render fast” is now the default


Fruity Wrapper:

“Export all programs as Cubase presets” saved the current program in every file
fixed new implementation of ProcessParam to avoid “integer overflow” exception when adding an automation clip
added hint when plugin parameter changes
some fixes in ProcessParam
now flushes plugin (inactive/active) in the PlugIOChanged callback
don’t send “all note off” message for effects
the fixed size output buffer for effects are now initialized to zero before processing
now call AllocBuffers when the blocksize changes
renamed menu items for saving/loading fst and fxb files to “VST” instead of “Cubase”
added “Send note off velocity” option
implemented support for sysex messages sent by the plugin (untested)
let FL re-read key names when updateDisplay message is received from VST plugin



fixed bug showing save program dialogs
added file compatibility options to (global) options dialog
“gain” control on zone tab now defaults to 0.0dB again
“gain” control on zone tab is now multiplied to the volume instead of added
updated downloader implementation
double-click on zone (or zone index) now opens sample tab
now need to right-click on sample scroll bar to zoom
fixed drag&drop crash
made library scan (for popup menu) a lot faster
fixed browser resizing from config dlg
fixed behaviour of browser expansion with multiple instances
changed volume and velocity implementation
re-implemented soundfont support, now supports 24bit soundfonts
fixed resizing in FL version, made it more spec-compliant in VSTi version
some VST specific improvements
fixed crash in VSTi when opening/closing browser because of incorrect FL version check
effect switches on the zone page now also act according to the “global” switch
improved demo mode save/restore for VSTi version
fixed window size bug (browser open/closed) when opening editor
fixed ogg import, made it use 32bit float samples instead of 16bit int
restructured files, recompiled
fixed “full range” behaviour for selectors


(Bug)fixes :

Bugfix in envelope point snapping.
Bugfix in Sytrus unison sub.
Little bugfix in Edison’s looping tool & trimming option.
Bugfix in stretching engine.
Bugfix in monophonic mode combined with Fruity Slicer plugin.
Fixed weird bug importing corrupted playlist data from FL6 projects.
Fixed keystrokes not getting to FL when mixer was detached & focused.
Fixed strange bug with ASIO.
Fixed little bug when reordering mixer tracks.
Fixed crash when closing FL while project browser was open.
Fixed tiny browser bug.
Fixed bug in WaveShaper & Sytrus bipolar to unipolar mapping conversion.
Fixed thread-locking issue with multiple smoothed up remote control combined with visible project browser and knob tweak undo enabled.
Bugfix: quick quantize no longer resizes playlist clips.
Fixed rare arpeggiator bug.
Fixed problem loading some VST 2.4 plugins.
Little bugfix in Sytrus envelope release combined with sustain level.
Fixed crash in Vista when Data Execution Prevention is on
Fixed some possible deadlocks when MIDI-controlling parameters.
Fixed little bug in Fruity Slicer’s note dump.
Fixed little problem in MIDI input window.
Fixed big bug in wav file loader when regions have comments.
Changing MP3 bitrate in renderer now doesn’t reset all plugins anymore (was slow for some plugins).
Fixed browser not restoring top item in some cases when switching snapshots.