FL Studio 8.0.2



Added preview to Edison & Slicex tools.
Added knob for note release in step sequencer & piano roll randomizer tool.
Implemented new audio clipboard format to counter Windows’es inability to handle long bits of audio.


Fixed rare crash when loading new project while playlist is visible.

Fixed vst rendering if a plugin reports zero programs
Fixed window resize (window kept getting bigger)
Fixed memory leak when loading external banks
Create Temp folder before import of external banks
Browser is refreshed when the lib path changes
Fixed crash when importing samples with long filenames (longer than 31 characters)
Fixed a mouse capture issue
Fixed bug exporting waves for VSTi programs that start or end with spaces
Fixed some small visual glitches
Fixed filename extension extraction bug
Increased browser button size
Removed mouse wheel velocity sensitivity
Added tablet pc / stylus option for controls

Fixed crash when sample is used normal and reversed
Doesn’t load the midi loop into the pianoroll anymore when changing preset

Fruity Wrapper:
Fixed glitch when changing “bottom toolbar” setting
“Send pitch bend range” is now off by default
Fixed buffer size communication bug on plugin initialization