FL Studio 9.0.1


Added ‘Sidechain to this track only’ option in mixer.

Added [url=http://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?t=43985]playlist drag-free slicing[/url].

Added ‘Create submix to’ option in mixer.

Added ‘Override generic link…’ to knob popup menu.

Slightly improved Sytrus rendering quality.

Double-clicking a playlist track edits its mostly used clip.

Speeded up refresh of multidirectional playlist scrolling.

Wrapper: added option to disable threaded processing for a specific plugin, applies to any new instance of that plugin

FPC: added random triggering of overlapping layers

FPC: added DW program file import

DirectWave: added trigger groups

DirectWave: searches for samples in subfolder with the program’s name when loading a .dwp

FPC: pad menu now shows banks in separate columns instead of submenus

FPC: updated DW import

FPC: use improved randomization method

DirectWave: increased max size of zone and program name to 128

DirectWave: implemented new save/restore routine, unified across FL/VST and dwp/dwb

Downloader: options window is now integrated in content library window

Downloader: clicking an cd/category will open or close it (no double-click necessary)



Fixed minor bug when right-clicking mini piano roll view for immediate jump in some cases.

Fixed minor browser bug.

Kb preview now works better as notes are released when you select another channel.

Changed priority stuff when background rendering.

Fixed bug loading old projects with internal controllers in sends.

Fixed crash in Edison’s scratching tool.

Fixed possible hang when using remote control with smoothing enabled.

FPC: fixed issue cutting preview voices

Wrapper: don’t respond to “update display” messages during saving

Wrapper: input names were sometimes shortened

Wrapper: fixed deadlock when i/o changed

Fixed little Delphi memory leak.

Fixed crash in Fruity Stereo Shaper when both delay & phase were in use.

Wrapper: rewrote small part of DX plugin initialization

Wrapper: fixed loading old DX plugin state if plugin wasn’t found

FPC: pad volume wheel resets to 100% instead of 0%

FPC: mute button now works correctly if there are multiple pads triggered by the same semitone

FPC: deleting a layer would delete two instead of one

Downloader: custom download location wasn’t used in some situations

Video Player: fixed “Ignore tempo changes”

DirectWave: fixed crash in VST sampling because of buffer overflow

DirectWave: read sample position offset fields from sf2 file (start, end, loop start, loop end)

DirectWave: fixed zone voice count display

DirectWave: fixed visual representation of programs in library if their names were too long