FL Studio 9.1.0

New Harmless synthesizer.

New Fruity Convolver effect.

New “PDC for all tracks” helper for PDC.

Added MP3 export to Edison.

Added “realtime” flag support (useful for hardware-supported plugins).

Browser’s F5/F6 (or extra mouse buttons, or ENTER or middle click)

Edison/Slicex: original sample filename now stored in states/projects (to remember the last file loaded).

MIDI import dialog doesn’t show for MIDI files with only 1 track & 1 channel.

Right-clicking the piano rolls channel selector brings the channel settings and plugin editor.

Edison (paxCompiler-powered) scripts now support Javascript & Basic.

Changed ‘Select’ to ‘Replace’ in effect plugin menu when there’s already an effect loaded.

Improved tempo fitting dialog in playlist.

Edison: added “send to playlist as audio clip” shortcut button.

An empty name in the channel grouping edit now sends to the unsorted group.

Changed the method used by assisted PDC a little.

Improved hovering of contiguous piano roll notes/playlist clips that are grouped or selected.

F2 in name editor cycles through random colors.

Piano roll note color selector can show special color names for some generators.

Improved meters everywhere.

FPC: added “Show in browser” option to loop menu

Wrapper: added button to update plugin properties

Wrapper: indicate if note message is realtime or not (VST & VST3)

Wrapper: some more speed when copying interlaced to separated buffers and back

Wrapper: store plugin filename, use it to find the plugin when loading settings

Synthmaker: updated to version 1.1.7


Fixed wrongly reported latency in Vocodex.

Fixed broken filter tool in envelope editor (in all plugins).

Fixed little bug in playlist “merge pattern clips”.

Fixed crash in some rare cases when replacing & plugin that has an event being edited in a piano roll.

DirectWave: fixed loading old states saved with total recall

DirectWave: save wave files before saving the .dwp file

DirectWave: now responds to FL max polyphony value

DirectWave: no more drag and drop of foreign formats in DW Player

DirectWave: “Save program” now shows a dialog window if the filename isn’t valid

DirectWave: minimize lock when loading of settings

DirectWave: update browser after saving a program or bank

Downloader: works correctly with unicode characters in filenames

FL ReWire: fixed crash when closing ProTools with FL loaded

FPC: show options menu when you click on the pad name label

FPC: selected layer is now remembered when window is hidden, shown and resized

FPC: fixed root path for loop files

Fruity Envelope Controller: small fix in envelope editor

Wrapper: adjusted pitch bend range selector

Wrapper: pitch bend range is now saved with other plugin options

Wrapper: rescan plugin properties adter loading settings

Wrapper: fixed freeze with Fruity Delay

Wrapper: re-implemented loop position calculation

Synthmaker: fixed a problem where SM windows could appear massively oversized after loading