FL Studio 9.6.0

(public beta)



Reworked piano roll (vertical zoom).

Mute tool now flips mute state on a whole row when used on side keyboard in piano roll.

Pause key now pauses playback (like ctrl+space).

Added basic support (transport controls) for Kontrolux keyboard.

Added “remember seek time” option (right-click stop button).

Improved deleting of overlapping notes/clips (now only deletes the top one).

Added waveform display helper (Alt+N) to piano roll/event editor (drop sample onto them).

Improved zooming from side keyboard in piano roll.

Added optional more precise playback indicator in PR/PL/EE (view menu).

Alt+click or X2 button on ghosted notes switches to the note’s channel.

Shift+wheel now moves channels, mixer tracks, playlist tracks & patterns (in step seq selector) around.

Improved autoscrolling when moving events around.

Song loop marker becomes song loop mode for normal markers, right click freed on time bar.

New handle to rescale scores.

PR’s note hint now also adds key name & MIDI note #.

Added “Assign all to->MPC/Trigger Finger/padKontrol pads” option in Slicex.

Improved zooming/scrolling/grids in FL (no more zoom selector) & several plugins.

New playback/preview tool in playlist (alt+right click).



(public beta) Fixed bug when pressing F2/F3 in name edits without color selection.

Fixed bug relocating in a piano roll in song mode.

Fixed new bug in Harmless’es self-osc.

Fixed long pause when relocating mixer tracks on dual cores.

Wrapper: Fixed info flags bug that caused shell plugins to fail to load

Wrapper: Removed some log entries that caused slowdowns

Wrapper: Fixed loading/saving settings when switching to and from bridged mode

Wrapper: Various fixes loading plugin settings

Wrapper: Fixed crash with bridged Crystal VST

Wrapper: Fixed loading Waves plugins from settings

Wrapper: Support interfaceless VST3 plugins

Wrapper: Properly set plugin name when loading a VST3 subplugin

Wrapper: Fixed freeze in BitterSweet II

Wrapper: Various changes in bridge to prevent freezes

Wrapper: Hide editor windows when showing options window instead of closing them

Wrapper: Fixed some memory leaks

Wrapper: Fixed note velocity for VST 3 plugins

Wrapper: Fixed locating a 64bit plugin from settings

Downloader: Fixed crash when using prev preset function

Downloader: Fixed installation “error [0]”

Downloader: Fixed update of list from within plugin

Downloader: Fixed listing user items

Downloader: Fixed showing unrelated paths for lists that had “FL” download location

FL Studio VSTi: Fixed “no audio” bug when loading FL VSTi from file in Studio One

DirectWave: Fixed loading of compressed wave files

FPC: Notify FL of changed semitone names when loading a mapping

Fixed crash when “Split by channel” while PR is open.

Fixed vel mapping not updating when “resetting” it.

Fixed broken View->Browser menu items.

Fixed stuff related to song loop marker.