FL Studio 9.7.0

(public beta)



New playback/preview tool in playlist (alt+right click).

New “New pattern” button in step seq.

Ctrl+middle click on playlist tracks to resize them.

New “Small scrollbars in editors” option.

Playlist: left shift flips pencil/brush.

Added beats to time segment options in PR/PL.

Piano roll: (shift+)H or J cycles through filled channels.

“Make unique” now warns if the clip is already unique in the playlist.

Alt+click on ghost notes becomes double-right click (and still X1 button).

Filenames stored in project files now packed using known local data paths and system ones, for better shareability.



Fixed crash when “Split by channel” while PR is open.

Fixed vel mapping not updating when “resetting” it.

Fixed broken View->Browser menu items.

Fixed stuff related to song loop marker.

Fixed bug in playlist’s merge pattern clips.

Fixed right-clicking on pattern selector in step seq.

Changed behavior of right-clicking on playlist’s scroller.

Autoscrolling disabled when adding markers.

Fixed held click on clips using pencil.

Fixed wrong cursor when shift+add note in PR.

Maximus: fixed bug when envelope is set to flat centered.

Fixed 2 little browser autohide bugs.

Fixed reset values in channel settings knobs for automation clips.

Improved keyboard focus in FL plugins.

Fixed sorting of channels in piano roll’s list.

Fixed case sensivity in plugin picker key search.

Opening a plugin doesn’t keep the previous sample loaded into the channel in some cases.

Added workaround for graphic driver bug on titlebars in some cases.

Little bugfix in envelope editor.

Fixed bug in PR’s vertical zoom.




(update 6b)

fixed Newtone loading/saving of files with special characters

fixed NewStuff for changes to Pitcher

fixed wrapper defaulting to inactive outputs for bridged plugins (“no sound” bug)


(update 5)

Newtone: changed center knob behaviour: it’s now relative to the current pitch offset of notes instead of the original offset

Pitcher: control notes will need to be transposed up 1 octave (select all and use Ctrl + Up arrow). MIDI latching switches will need re-setting and Panning knob re-adjusting. Updated NewStuff included in update 6.

wrapper: fixed initial input and output offset index for (64bit) bridged plugins


(update 4)

Newtone: made sample loading a bit safer against crashes

Newtone: fixed center knob behaviour


(update 3)

Newtone: fixed fade in/out issue

Pitcher: fixed demo mode, various other fixes


(update 2)

fix in using “fixed size buffers” in bridged mode


(update 1)

Newtone: various bugfixes

wrapper: fixed bridged mode