FL Studio 9.8.0

(Pubic Beta)




Alt key flips snapping instead of forcing it off.

New “Frozen LFO” option in envelopes.

“Multilink to controllers” ‘s popup now features single last tweaked parameter as well.

Score export to PDF file from the Piano roll



Fixed piano roll zoom bug.

Bugfix in Vocodex’s sidechain selector.

DirectWave: fixed “random” rename of DW channel on reload

Newtone: reset playback position when stopping playback in FL

Newtone: fixed crash copying notes

Newtone: fixed clicks/pops on audio export

Newtone: made sample loading safer

Newtone: changed note center behaviour

Newtone: fixed display of bars when time signature changes

Newtone: fixed midi timing issue

Soundfont Player: disabled threaded processing

Wrapper: fixed buffer crash in bridged effects

Wrapper: fixed initial i/o assignment for bridged plugins

Wrapper: avoid division by zero errors in bridge

Wrapper: fixed crash on exit for bridged plugins in some circumstances

Wrapper: fixed detection of 64bit dlls

Wrapper: other changes and fixes for bridge




(update 8 )

directwave: fixed freeze bug


(update 7)

newtone: fixed crash using File > New in certain conditions

directwave: fixed freeze opening FL project with “auto close device” on

formula controller: fixed meter visuals


(update 6)

newtone: fixed meters not updating

newtone: fixed display bug resizing notes

newtone: fixed editor size after closing/reopening editor

wrapper: fixed sending midi from bridged plugin to FL (bug using Thesys plugin)

updated slicex


(update 5)

fixed saving of settings in bridged plugins

made change that should fix endless knob behaviour


(update 4)

fixed timeout check for bridged plugins


(update 3)

changed loading of bridged plugins (shouldn’t time out as much, couldn’t verify)


(update 2)

fixed sidechaining in Vocodex

updated Wave Candy


(update 1)

updated help file

fixed Newtone expiration issue

fixed NewStuff song to load Pitcher correctly

fixed Edison artwork