FL Studio 9.9.7

(Pubic Beta)



Bugfixes updates: (install on top of 9.9 beta)



(update 7b)

Patcher: fixed root note behaviour

Wrapper: removed old bug fix to solve

Wrapper: added “secure processor” option, when switched off will allow Nexus and possibly other plugins to work better



(update 6)

Patcher: fixed automation of VST plugin parameters

Patcher: show menu with connection options when dropping “io drag line” on module

Patcher: added “remember tab size” option (on by default)

Patcher: preview keyboard shows in all tabs, can be hidden

Wrapper: fixed wrong editor size when saving fxp in bridged mode



(update 5b)

fixed artwork folder for Patcher

fixed effect Patcher dll name



(update 5)

renamed Chainer to Patcher

Convolver: fixed noise when using plugin slot level knob

Patcher: remember optional audio input connections when reloading song

Patcher: send note on/off to effect plugins

Patcher: fixed multi-link related freeze

Patcher: fixed crash when using randomize preset

Patcher: collapsed plugin editors are still collapsed when closing and re-opening Patcher window

Patcher: dashboard controls are now published as parameters (right-click menu, automation, …)

Patcher: auto-connect new effect when added

Patcher: auto-connect effect to module if its preset was dropped on that module

Patcher: some small speed improvements



(update 4)

Patcher: added FL param menu items to param i/o nodes

Patcher: audio outputs were removed while loading settings

Patcher: fixed demo mode check for Wasp XT

Patcher: fixed random noise when changing latencies

Patcher: fixed loading old interfaceless VST settings

Patcher: fixed multiple inputs for effect version

Patcher: fixed processing of env controller

Patcher: update channel pitch for midi voices

Patcher: fixed crash with PoiZone on song relocation

Patcher: fixed loading of effect event i/o connections

Patcher: fixed event input for effect plugins

Patcher: fixed sends for plugins

Patcher: made it easier to select i/o nodes when making a connection

Patcher: fixed loading control values

Patcher: fixed auto caption numbering when More… list is used

Patcher: fixed caption for plugins with 4-character names

Patcher: small fix to default plugin position

Convolver & Slicex: use relative paths when saving sample filenames

FL VSTi: fixed crash closing Reaper / Cubase x64 / Sonar x64 with FL VSTi loaded

FL VSTi: fixed deletion of FLEngine.dll in some circumstances



(update 3)

Uses new version of Lame encoder (3.98.4)

Newtone: end marker can now be moved

Newtone: added ‘select all slices’ option (uses Ctrl+A shortcut)

Newtone: added reset option to 3 knobs

Newtone: fixed “drag zoom rectangle isn’t removed after drag zoom”

Newtone: fixed midi export

Patcher: handles max poly (Patcher itself, not the plugins inside)

Patcher: responds to main pitch slider

Patcher: now uses favorites list from FL

Patcher: auto-number plugin captions (when several plugins with same name are added)

Patcher: control name remains when loading saved settings

Patcher: channel volume/pitch now works for VST plugins

Patcher: fixed crash when triggering voice in effect VST plugin

Patcher: midi note velocity wasn’t handled correctly in response to FPV_GetInfo

Patcher: fixed sound bug related to Harmless

Patcher: published params keep automation/controller links

Patcher: fixed crash when changing routing in mixer (effect version)

Patcher: fixed error saving Sytrus when Patcher is hidden

Patcher: stop all playing notes when plugin is flushed

Wrapper: reversed Nexus fix because it caused other anomalies



(update 2)

Convolver: fixed smart disable check (now works in Patcher)

Newtone: end marker can now be moved (by moving/resizing last slice)

Wrapper: queue loading of bridged plugins again (iLok problem)

Wrapper: fixed issue with Nexus 2 plugin



(update 1)

Newtone: fixed scrollbar not appearing until resize

Patcher: fixed dry signal bug

Patcher: fixed plugin registration issues

Patcher: fixed channel volume implementation (Wasp XT)

Patcher: you can now drop presets from “save preset as” menu